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Catholics and Armenians in Bulgaria celebrate Easter

On April 17 Catholics and Armenians in Bulgaria celebrate Easter. There are more than 20,000 Catholics in Plovdiv district only. Many believers went to church in the town of Rakovski and the Municipality of Kaloyanovo, the BNR reported. On the..

17.04.22 15:44 |

Patriarch Neophyte calls for peace in Ukraine

May faith in the triumph of good and life give us strength in the face of evil and especially in the face of what we have witnessed for nearly two months- the fratricidal war in brotherly and Orthodox Ukraine- a horrible tragedy we all have been..

17.04.22 11:40 |

Bulgarians mark the great Christian holiday Palm Sunday

The earth awakens from hibernation, the sun smiles at us and the variety of flowers begins to accompany us in our daily lives. In such a pastoral picture of life comes one of the most favourite holidays of Bulgarians - Palm Sunday, known in Bulgaria..

17.04.22 07:00 |

School for “lazarki” girls - an amazing experience at Bulgaria’s Etar Museum

Young girls dressed in beautiful costumes from the Gabrovo region, with wreaths on their heads and baskets of flowers in their hands, will walk through the streets of the Etar Ethnographic Open-Air Museum today. The girls are..

16.04.22 08:05 |

Flowers for Palm Sunday

This coming Sunday, 17 April, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Palm Sunday. But as there are no free-growing palms in our part of the world, it is budding willow twigs that are the symbol of this day in Bulgaria. In folklore tradition, Palm Sunday..

15.04.22 16:15 |

Catholics and Armenians in Bulgaria celebrate Palm Sunday

Catholics and Armenians in Bulgaria celebrate Palm Sunday  today . The church services mark the beginning of Holy Week. In 2022, the Catholic and the Armenian Church celebrate Easter on April 17. After the service at the Armenian Apostolic..

10.04.22 16:49 |

Believers fill St. Nedelya church for Palm Sunday liturgy

Dozens of believers filled the St. Nedelya church in Sofia today for the Palm Sunday liturgy. Every attendee was able to take home willow twigs which have been blessed, as is customary on this day. By a tradition the twigs are made into..

25.04.21 13:07 |

Today is Palm Sunday!

A popular day in this country, Palm Sunday always falls on the Sunday after St. Lazarus Day and after Easter. All people named after flowers celebrate it as their name day – from the traditional Tsvetan, Tsvetanka, Nevena, Temenuzhka,..

25.04.21 07:00 |

Entry into Bulgaria possible with vaccination certificate, negative PCR test or document for recovery from Covid-19

Health authorities in Bulgaria have decided to introduce loosening of some of the restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus . From as tomorrow (April 24), in-person training in educational centers at a physical distance of at least 1.5..

23.04.21 16:00 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church expects guidelines regarding forthcoming Christian holidays

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is expecting to receive clear guidelines from this country’s Police and the National Operational Headquarters for Combating Covid-19 regarding the church services during the forthcoming Palm Sunday and..

22.04.21 10:55 |

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