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“Taming” nature around the Seven Lakes of Rila – where is it leading?

Sulzata (Tear), Okoto (Eye), Bubreka (Kidney), Bliznaka (Twin), Trilistnika (Three Leaves), Ribnoto (Fish) and Dolnoto (Lower) lake –strange names, but very familiar to Bulgarians – they are the Seven Lakes of Rila.   They are among the..

20.07.21 15:19 |

White Brotherhood annual gathering at Rila lakes attracts followers of Peter Deunov and tourists

The White Brotherhood annual gathering in Bulgaria's Rila Mountain this year has attracted followers of Peter Deunov as well as many tourists who came to see the magical dance Paneurhythmy, BTA informs. It is performed on August 19 which marks..

19.08.20 12:53 |
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