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Scandal over pensions during parliamentary sitting

One of the last sittings of the newly-formed Bulgarian Parliament started with a scandal on Friday morning. For more than an hour, lawmakers failed to agree on a work agenda for the day. The deputies were dismissed during a break after the MPs from the..

07.05.21 12:06 |
President Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President Radev to present the third cabinet-forming mandate to BSP

Today at 11.00 am the Bulgaria President Rumen Radev will hand over an exploratory mandate to form a government to the candidate for Prime Minister nominated by the third largest parliamentary group in the 45th National Assembly - "BSP for Bulgaria" ...

05.05.21 06:50 |

Parliament adopts at first reading the creation of constituency "Abroad"

The Bulgarian Parliament has unanimously adopted at first reading changes to the country's Electoral Code introduced by the "There is such a people" (ITN) party. The changes include removing the restriction on the opening of polling stations in non-EU..

23.04.21 19:34 |

Bulgaria's new Parliament to revise work of Boyko Borissov's government

Today's first regular sitting of the 45th National Assembly was expected to begin with a hearing of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on the recovery and sustainability plan. Instead, however, Borissov announced that he was going on leave as..

16.04.21 07:10 |

The new Bulgarian parliament to start work

Today is the first sitting of the 45 th National Assembly elected on April 4. If we look for the symbolism in the choice of the date - April 15, we will see that it is framed by two important events related to the history of Bulgarian..

15.04.21 06:35 |
ITN leader Slavi Trifonov

Leader of There is Such a People party Slavi Trifonov makes first public statement after elections

"There is Such a People" will follow the legal procedure, the party leader of There is Such a People (ITN) political party Slavi Trifonov wrote today in his personal Facebook profile.  His post reads: "Regarding various political statements and..

07.04.21 17:02 |

Bulgarian parliament to debate purchase of vaccines authorized in non-EU countries

Today, MEPs will discuss in plenary whether to give a mandate to the government to study the possibility of buying vaccines against Covid-19, approved for use in countries outside the European Union. The proposal for this was approved yesterday by the..

05.03.21 07:15 |

Bulgarian employers start meetings with leading political parties

The Association of Bulgarian Employers' Organizations has initiated a series of meetings with representatives of the political parties and coalitions that the sociological agencies say will enter the 45th National Assembly. Today, at a meeting with the..

15.02.21 17:18 |
MP Pavel Shopov

Bulgarian MP removed from plenary for refusing to wear protective mask

Bulgarian MP Pavel Shopov was removed from a plenary session and received a disciplinary measure "reprimand" for obstructing the normal work of parliament . During the state budget debate, Shopov, who entered parliament as an MP from Ataka political..

25.11.20 17:15 |
MP from BSP Yavor Bozhankov

BSP files lawsuit over participation of quarantined MPs in parliamentary sessions

Deputies from the BSP for Bulgaria parliamentary group have filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court, demanding that the court declare unconstitutional the rules adopted by parliament for the participation in parliamentary meetings of deputies..

20.11.20 12:18 |
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