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President Radev calls for functioning Parliament and stable government

United Europe should not be indifferent to Russia's war in Ukraine. Its escalation is the greatest danger since World War II, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev said after the summit of the heads of state of the Arraiolos Group in Malta...

06.10.22 10:22 |

Gallup International Balkan: Voter turnout stands at 28.7% by 17 pm

By 17 pm, voter turnout reached 28.7%, data of “Gallup International Balkan” polling agency, which is a partner of the Bulgarian National Radio and monitors the voting during the entire day for the 48th National Assembly, show.  During the..

02.10.22 18:42 |

Bulgarians abroad vote at 755 polling stations in 62 countries

The early Parliamentary elections for Bulgarians abroad started with the opening of the polling stations in New Zealand and Australia  at 7 am local time (21 pm Bulgarian time on October 1).  A total of 755 polling stations were created in 62..

02.10.22 09:59 |

Nearly 11,000 voting machines planned for the October 2 snap election in Bulgaria

The Central Election Commission showed the content of the voting machines and the safeguards that protect the security of vote. "The demonstration had to take place because of the multitude of information, mainly on the social networks, that it is..

15.09.22 17:43 |
Ivan Kondov

Bulgaria has so far obtained the consent of 48 countries to hold the parliamentary elections on their territory

More than 16,000 Bulgarians have submitted applications to vote abroad in the 2 October snap elections, as the number of applications in Turkey has exceeded 10,000. Bulgaria has so far obtained the consent of 48 countries to hold the parliamentary..

25.08.22 13:32 |

With nearly 61% of tally sheets processed, Bulgarian Socialist Party places fourth

With 60.95% of the section tally sheets having being processed in Bulgaria and abroad, Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova earned 49.15% of the votes at the Presidential elections, followed by Anastas Gerdzhikov- Nevyana Miteva- 22.18%.   As of 10 am on..

15.11.21 11:36 |

CEC reports record low voter turnout

It is now clear that the final voter turnout will not exceed or will be around 40%. If the vote goes at this pace, it would be lower. This is what the Deputy Chairman and spokesman of the Central Election Commission, Tsvetozar..

14.11.21 19:43 |

Bulgaria votes

A total of 5,016 candidates for MPs from 20 political parties and 7 coalitions are participating at the third Parliamentary elections this year. The number of polling stations exceeds 11,600. The number of eligible voters amounts to 6,708,189...

14.11.21 07:15 |

Election silence day leaves us alone with our thoughts

Today, 25 November is a day of election silence before the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. It means that candidates, parties, coalitions and citizens are not allowed to make any political campaigning whatsoever. Political..

13.11.21 05:25 |

Exacta Research Group: Two political forces stand a chance of placing second at the forthcoming elections

GERB/SDS would earn the highest number of votes, if Parliamentary elections were held today. The coalition would earn 23.8% of the votes, indicates a survey of Exacta Research Group, financed with own funds. The poll was conducted between October 29..

07.11.21 13:58 |
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