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Petar Iliev

Former Vice PM nominee from ITN party faces being dismissed from work over plagiarism

Petar Iliev, who has been nominated for deputy prime minister and interior minister in the second draft cabinet of ITN political party this summer, is threatened with dismissal from Sofia University, where he is a lecturer, for plagiarism. The Ethics..

27.09.21 18:25 |

Inexperienced people get into politics, which is not necessarily a good thing

The parliamentary support for Plamen Nikolov’s cabinet proposed by “There is Such a People” party (ITN) is becoming more and more uncertain. On one hand, the smallest Parliamentary group of “Stand up.BG! We are Coming” has already refused to..

10.08.21 14:05 |

BSP for Bulgaria refuses to support ITN’s cabinet if Petar Iliev remains cabinet member

BSP for Bulgaria coalition will not support the cabinet proposed by “There is Such a People” party (ITN) if Petar Iliev remains a cabinet member. This was decided by the political council of BSP for Bulgaria coalition, announced the press center..

10.08.21 13:57 |
Petar Iliev

Petar Iliev not planning to withdraw from position of Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior nominee

Petar Iliev who was nominated by ITN party for the position of Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, has no intention of stepping down. “I am a victim of backstage players and the media close to these circles”, Petar Iliev said in an interview..

09.08.21 10:27 |
“St. Kliment Ohridski” University, Sofia

Plagiarism check launched against Petar Iliev, nominated for interior minister

“St. Kliment Ohridski” University, Sofia is launching a plagiarism check against Petar Iliev, ITN’s nomination for minister of the interior, the university has announced. The rector of the university has received three reports that Iliev, who..

05.08.21 19:06 |
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