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Archaeological excavations begin in ancient city Heraclea Sintica near Bulgaria's Petrich

The archaeological summer in the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica near the town Petrich (Southwestern Bulgaria) will open on June 1 and will continue for four months . The work of archaeologists  during these excavations will focus on uncovering the..

30.05.21 10:02 |

Environmentalists protest against construction in Rupite locality near Petrich

Environmentalists from the Facebook group "Save Rupite" have gathered to protest against intentions for construction in the unique territory of Rupite known for its healing mineral springs and natural diversity, BNR reported. Rupite is located near..

28.11.20 14:20 |

Archaeologists discover exquisite marble statue in Rupite area

A statue of a female, most likely of a priestess, was discovered by archaeologists at Heraclea Sintica, an ancient city in the Rupite area near Petrich. The statue is very well preserved, although the head and arms are missing, said Assoc. Prof...

19.07.20 08:00 |

20 tons of cannabis destroyed during police operation in Southwestern Bulgaria

About 20 tons of cannabis have been destroyed during a police operation in the region of Petrich, Southwestern Bulgaria. Because of the hard-to-reach terrain, helicopters were also involved in the operation that started yesterday. Since the beginning..

15.08.18 15:26 |

PM Boyko Borissov calls emergency meeting over migrants in Blagoevgrad

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has called an emergency meeting in Blagoevgrad, on the premises of the municipal government. Attendance at the meeting will include District Governor Biser Mihaylov and mayors from the southwestern region,..

29.05.16 10:22 |

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