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Bulgaria has nothing to replace coal mines with so as to guarantee a stable economy, energy industry and security

Under the EU Green Deal, of which Bulgaria is part, the use of coal in the energy industry is to be done away with by 2030. The target is for net carbon emissions to be reduced by 55%. Politicians in this country have, for a long time,..

20.09.21 14:47 |

Number of working poor in Bulgaria increases by 22% since the beginning of 2021

Our life was better before the coronavirus pandemic, although incomes were low, says a popular Bulgarian musician. We work less now, but we have to pay our water and electricity bills every month. Food prices went up and the price of some..

15.07.21 16:05 |

Responsible solutions are needed to support Bulgarian businesses amidst Covid crisis

On the last working day of last week, the Bulgarian cabinet which has already filed its resignation submitted to the National Assembly a draft plan for the recovery of Bulgaria. The topic became a reason for endless controversies among the newly..

19.04.21 13:44 |

The risks to the Bulgarian economy remain for 2021

Bulgaria's negative GDP of -3.9% in 2020 and the expected growth of 4% for the first quarter of 2021 show that the economic recovery is close. But there are challenges that could bring back the recession. Such are the lack of private consumption and..

23.03.21 17:26 |

Covid-crisis pushes TUs and employers to demand long-term help from the state

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the lockdown throughout the world, i.e. since March this year, the strain of safeguarding human life and health has inflicted unimagined damage on the economy, affecting, directly or indirectly, every..

29.12.20 17:29 |

Trade unions in Bulgaria expect a jump in gray economy due to Covid-19

The gray economy in Bulgaria in 2019 accounted for 21% of the country's GDP , data from the National Statistical Institute reveals. It amounts to 11.5 billion euros. This money is outside the social and health care system. In the conditions of a..

23.09.20 17:12 |

Businesses and unions in Bulgaria in dispute over minimum wage

Businesses have insisted on a freeze on the minimum wage next year and forecast a severe economic crisis in the coming months. The chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce Radosvet Radev told BNR that the beginning of the crisis is yet to come...

08.09.20 19:08 |
Plamen Dimitrov from CITUB

Social partners agree on 20 out of total of 65 anti-crisis measures

The tourism and transport sectors will receive special anti-crisis assistance, the social partners in Bulgaria agreed at an online meeting of the Tripartite Cooperation Council . Out of 65 anti-crisis measures, an agreement has been reached on 20 of..

11.05.20 19:08 |
Plamen Dimitrov

TU leader is optimistic about outcome of economic crisis in Bulgaria

“Bulgaria has solid financial buffers and mechanisms and I am moderately optimistic about our exiting the crisis,” Plamen Dimitrov, leader of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) said for the Bulgarian National Radio...

25.04.20 15:51 |
The President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria Plamen Dimitrov

Salaries of 70% of the Bulgarians are lower than the average wages in this country

The salaries of 70% of the Bulgarians are lower than the average wages in this country-EUR 615 a month. Most people receive salaries ranging between EUR 358 and 409, despite the last income increase (8%-12%) negotiated in 2018, the President of the..

03.07.19 12:28 |
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