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Armenians protesting in Ruse.

Armenians in Bulgaria march in defence of the armenian refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh

Bulgarian Armenians in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Ruse protested in support of the Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, thus joining an international initiative of Armenian communities around the world .  The rally in Sofia was held in front of..

01.10.23 15:47 |
Ukrainian refugees in Burgas.

Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv are the cities with the largest number of Ukrainian refugees, survey shows

70% of all Ukrainian refugees residing in Bulgaria are women. 28% of are under the age of 14. 70% have higher education.   The number of accompanied children is between 48 and 55 thousand , while the number of unaccompanied children is around 500...

19.09.23 15:39 |

International Technical Fair 2023 starts in Plovdiv

The 77th edition of the Plovdiv International Technical Fair will be held until September 17. Over 200 companies from 14 countries participate in it. The exhibition showcases new technologies in the spheres of construction,..

14.09.23 08:45 |

Agricultural University of Plovdiv continues to attract foreign students

Minister of Education Galin Tsokov attended the opening of the 2023-2024 academic year at the Agricultural university in Plovdiv. The university has the highest rating in Bulgaria’s university rating system in horticulture and plant..

11.09.23 14:57 |
The Symphony Orchestra of Dobrin Petkov National School of Music and Dance.

The city of Plovdiv is celebrating its holiday with numerous cultural events

The passing summer in Plovdiv was filled with musical events - a trend that continues in autumn. As the city's celebration of September 6 approaches, the programme is brimming with cultural events. Tonight, at the Ancient Theatre in..

01.09.23 14:17 |

Plovdiv hosts Zinc & Lead Expert Committee Meeting 2023

More than 100 experts from 18 countries are participating in the Zinc & Lead Expert Committee Meeting 2023 in Plovdiv, BTA reported. The event is organized by the German Society of Metallurgists and Miners (GDMB) and Bulgaria’s lead-zinc producer..

31.08.23 11:58 |

Medics from Plovdiv arrested for defrauding the National Health Insurance Fund of EUR 2.6 million

Criminologists from Plovdiv and the prosecutor’s office have broken up a criminal group of medical specialists who siphoned off money from the National Health Insurance Fund using false documents for technical aids for persons with disabilities...

30.08.23 15:46 |

Actor Dobrin Dosev with a music challenge - "After the theatre"

"After the Theatre" is yet another song from the "Singing Artists" project of producer Igor Markovski. This time the actor who sings is Dobrin Dosev, known for his participation in a number of movies. In recent years, he has also been part of the..

29.08.23 06:05 |

International cat exhibition shows elite breeds in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

During the weekend, Plovdiv is hosting an International Cat Exhibition, organized by the Bulgarian Federation of Felinology. About 150 elite show cats from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, etc. will be presented at the exhibition.  Four..

26.08.23 11:04 |

"Stop the War in Ukraine" march in Plovdiv

A peaceful protest march under the title "Stop the War in Ukraine" will be held this evening in Plovdiv. The occasion is the adoption of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine 32 years ago. This happened on August 24, 1991,..

24.08.23 08:05 |
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