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Bulgarian students win medals at International Astronomy Olympiad

Bulgarian high-school students have won five medals at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics held in Poland. They competed with 260 participants from 52 countries. The best Bulgarian students are from the Sofia..

20.08.23 08:12 |
F-16 Block 70

Bulgarian MiG-29s to be overhauled in Poland

Poland takes over the repair of 6 MiG-29 engines. The Ministry of Defence announced that it has signed a contract with Poland with the aim of ensuring that MiG-29 aircraft are airworthy and reach operational capability for combat duty with the new F-16..

11.08.23 14:00 |

Tourists from Poland are again opting to vacation in Bulgaria

Some 470,000 tourists from Poland are expected in this country this summer. Their numbers are expected to reach 2019 levels, and with last minute bookings, to even exceed them. More than 380,000 Polish tourists came to Bulgaria last year, the..

08.06.23 13:36 |

The summer tourist season in Bulgaria has officially started

Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov has officially opened the summer tourist season in Bulgaria in the seaside resort "Sts. Constantine and Elena" . He predicted an increase in the number of guests between 5 and 7 percent compared to..

21.05.23 16:21 |

Council of Ministers decides on ban on Ukrainian grain imports 

Today's Cabinet meeting will consider the Agriculture Ministry's proposal for a temporary ban on Ukrainian grain imports. In addition to wheat, sunflowers and corn, the ban list includes honey, raw and dried milk, fruit and vegetables, eggs, chicken, veal..

19.04.23 07:05 |

Growers from 5 member states submit declaration to EU Parliament

A joint declaration by farmers' organisations from 5 EU member states has been signed in Poland, BNR Varna reporter Maya Shcherbanova informs. The demands of farmers from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania, are for the import of..

13.04.23 17:48 |
 Mao Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry

EU to discuss war in Ukraine with China

Beijing is ready to discuss a political settlement of the conflict in Ukraine , the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Mao Ning said. The statement came ahead of a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President..

05.04.23 10:00 |

Calm election day in Krakow

Official data from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) show that there are about 4 000 Bulgarian citizens residing in Poland. Most of them live in the capital Warsaw. Not a few are living in one of the oldest and most beautiful..

02.04.23 16:13 |

First engine for MiG-29 arrives from Poland

The engine was expected in late January as part of a deal with Poland to supply two engines for MiG-29. A few days ago, the Acting Minister of Defense, Dimitar Stoyanov, said that a contract for the second engine is about to be signed.  The Ministry..

31.03.23 19:43 |

Varna Airport reports 57% increase in passengers since the beginning of ‎2023

Since the beginning of 2023, there has been a significant increase in passengers ‎at Bulgaria's  Varna Airport . It seems that the Bulgarian Black sea capital is about to catch up ‎with the serious outflow of travelers in the last two years, related to..

21.03.23 13:44 |
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