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Kamelia Neykova

Kamelia Neykova from ITN party appointed chair of Central Election Commission

Kamelia Neykova is the new chairman of Bulgaria's Central Election Commission, Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev announced after consultations with the parliamentary forces . Neykova was nominated by the party "There is such a people" (ITN) and replaces..

07.05.21 10:06 |

President to hear candidate members of Central Election Commission

On May 7, at 8 am, President Rumen Radev is to conduct the additional consultations with the political parties and coalitions represented in parliament to nominate a chairman of the Central Election Commission. The reason is the withdrawal of the only..

07.05.21 07:20 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev to hold consultations about the composition of the new Central Election Commission

On May 5, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev is to hold consultations with the political parties and coalitions represented at this country’s National Assembly to acquaint himself with their nominations for members of the Central Election Commission ,..

04.05.21 06:00 |
Bulgaria's outgoing Premier Boyko Borissov

Boyko Borissov: The caretaker cabinet will govern for months

“No cabinet will be formed after the early elections in Bulgaria and the caretaker cabinet appointed by Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev will continue to govern for months”, predicted this country’s outgoing Premier Boyko Borissov. At a briefing..

03.05.21 11:20 |

President Rumen Radev calls for cabinet united around clear principles

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev has called on the political parties represented at the National Assembly and this country’s outgoing cabinet to show responsibility to amend the state budget. On Saturday morning President Radev launched the..

24.04.21 12:27 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev will soon announce when he will hand second government-forming mandate

In the coming days, I will announce when I will hand over a government-forming mandate to the second largest Parliamentary group, said Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev after the GERB/SDS coalition returned the first government-forming mandate. "I..

23.04.21 12:47 |

President Rumen Radev meets with German Ambassador Christoph Eichhorn

Today, the Bulgarian Head of State Rumen Radev held a working meeting with the German Ambassador to Bulgaria Christoph Eichhorn , the presidential press office announced. Among the highlights of the meeting were the bilateral economic partnership, the..

22.04.21 17:38 |

President Radev convenes 45th National Assembly on April 15

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev has signed a decree to convene the 45 th National Assembly on April 15, announced the press secretariat of this country’s head of state. The decree is expected to be promulgated in the State Gazette on April 14...

13.04.21 12:24 |

President Rumen Radev meets with Grand Mufti Mustafa Hadji

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has held talks with the Grand Mufti of the Muslim faith in Bulgaria, Mustafa Hadji. At the meeting, they discussed the maintenance of Muslim temples and the accreditation of the Supreme Islamic Institute, the press..

09.04.21 18:38 |

Bulgarian President has discussed upcoming elections with OSCE observers

For the first time Bulgaria faces the challenge of holding elections during an epidemic. This was what President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with representatives of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in..

23.03.21 14:40 |
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