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Russian gas supply is expensive and insecure, MEP Radan Kanev says

"There can be no cheap and reliable gas from Russia," MP Radan Kanev said in an interview with BNR. He pointed out that gas in the current crisis is expensive, but Russian gas, unlike the others, is not only expensive but also very..

26.08.22 13:43 |
Radan Kanev

Radan Kanev asks European Commission whether gas interconnector with Greece is being deliberately delayed

Bulgarian MEP Radan Kanev has asked the European Commission whether it was monitoring the finalization of the project for the Greek-Bulgarian gas interconnector and whether the governments of Bulgaria and Greece have provided explanations for the..

10.08.22 19:21 |
MEP Radan Kanev

MEP Radan Kanev: Media should apply for funding directly to the European Commission

The media  should stop receiving funding through EU operational programs. They should apply for financing directly to the European Commission instead, MEP Radan Kanev said in Brussels at the presentation of the report "The Invisible Hand of..

13.10.21 10:53 |

Bulgaria is lagging behind in immunization

Bulgarians usually find it difficult to trust appeals, especially when they come from the upper echelons of power. This is one of the reasons why people do not rush with enthusiasm to the generously offered variety of free Covid-19 vaccines...

14.09.21 15:12 |
Toshko Yordanov

Insult against MEP after calling for EU intervention

The deputy chairman of "There is Such a People" party Toshko Yordanov made an insulting qualification against MEP Radan Kanev. Yordanov shared on Twitter a comment with a link to correspondence from..

14.09.21 12:11 |

EP seeks ways to preserve labour mobility in the EU despite Covid-19 restrictions

Labour mobility within the EU should be made easier for workers as well as for employers, with clearer rules to ensure fair, equality-based working conditions. This is the aim of a report drafted by European People’s Party MEP Radan Kanev and his team..

08.09.21 11:37 |

Poverty, inequality, unemployment - old challenges facing new Europe

Employment is the main topic in the EU when it comes to overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis. Thousands of businesses have remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic and millions of Europeans have lost their jobs, while most..

10.02.21 14:55 |
Радан Кънев

MEP Radan Kanev: European institutions need to take a deeper look at Bulgaria

A request for debates on the institutional crisis in Bulgaria has been submitted to the European Parliament, supported by 55 MEPs. Among the signatories are representatives of the EPP, the Liberals, as most of them are from the group of the Greens and..

17.08.20 11:25 |
Radan Kanev

New Republic chairman Radan Kanev resigns

Radan Kanev announced that he had submitted his resignation as chairman of the New Republic right-wing alliance, which received 2.5 percent of the votes in yesterday’s general election. Kanev stated that he would also resign as chairman of the..

27.03.17 13:51 |

New Republic non-partisan right-wing alliance is founded

The leader of the party Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) Radan Kanev has become the chairman of the new Non-partisan right-wing alliance New Republic (Nova Republika). The Alliance has political ambitions that include convening a Grand..

31.01.17 17:44 |

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