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Photo: Facebook /@Raina.Kabaivanska.school

Documentary tells the story of opera prima Raina Kabaivanska and her school in Sofia

The world-renowned opera diva Raina Kabaivanska is the protagonist of a new documentary, La Scuola Kabaivanska ("The School of Kabaivanska"). After the premiere in Sofia on 24 May, the film will now have a screening in Rome, which will be attended by the..

25.06.22 10:05 |

Bulgarian singer wins place at La Scala Opera Academy in Milan

Follow into the footsteps of your teacher – this is what soprano Alexandra Mihaylova has done with her latest success in the competition for young opera singers at La Scala – Milan. The student of great opera prima Raina Kabaivanska managed to..

25.07.21 11:05 |

Men and women of art about the protests – what they agree and/or disagree on

Where is the fine line between the right to give vent to your indignation and the kind of anti-social behavior that could land you in jail? We have seen people around the world stand up for their rights with more aggressive methods, and they..

10.09.20 11:42 |

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