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Vice President Iliana Iotova opens 11th National Festival for Disadvantaged Children

Bulgaria's Vice President Iliana Iotova opened the 11th edition of the National Festival for Disadvantaged Children "Like the Stars" in a ceremony on Independence Square in the town of Razgrad, the presidential press office announced. Nearly 240..

26.06.21 06:15 |
Vice President Iliana Yotova

Vice President Iliana Yotova opens 11th national festival for disadvantaged children in Razgrad

Vice President Iliana Yotova is opening the 11 th edition of the national festival for disadvantaged children today, called “Like the stars”, in Razgrad’s Nezavisimost square, the presidential press service has announced. Almost 240..

25.06.21 07:05 |

Vaccination and production of vaccines in the EU pick up speed after the difficult start

“The European vaccination campaign is picking up speed. Europe is leading worldwide on revolutionary, life-saving mRNA. In the midst of unprecedented health crisis, Europe is the global vaccine champion, making vaccines available to the rest..

12.05.21 09:35 |
Ibrahim Pasha mosque in Razgrad

Government allocates money for repairing Christian and Muslim houses of prayer

The government has allocated over 800,000 euro for the renovation of Christian Orthodox churches and Ibrahim Pasha Mosque in Razgrad , BTA reports. “In Bulgaria only ethnic tolerance, understanding among religions and among people can pull..

04.03.21 14:16 |

Restoration of Ibrahim Pasha Mosque in Razgrad has begun

A state must take care of its monuments and temples, be they Orthodox, Catholic, mosques and synagogues, said in Razgrad Bulgaria's Minister of Culture Boil Banov. He was among the official guests at the ceremony for the start of the restoration of the..

09.10.20 15:44 |

About the craft of sewing with love

For many years, Gyonyul Ali has been earning her living by sewing and mending clothes in the small town of Razgrad in Northeastern Bulgaria. At a time when tailors and other artisans are on the verge of extinction, she continues to cling..

06.07.20 14:25 |

Anti-epidemic measures in village of Yasenovets tighten again

By order of the mayor of Razgrad municipality, northeastern Bulgaria, anti-epidemic measures are being introduced in the village of Yasenovets, which will be in force until June 24. In addition to wearing masks in indoor and outdoor public places, a..

12.06.20 17:20 |

Village of Yasenovets near Razgrad placed under quarantine

As of May 16, strict anti-epidemic measures are being introduced in the village of Yasenovets in the region of Razgrad, Northeastern Bulgaria, the Regional Crisis Headquarters for Combating Covid-19 announced. The reason is the increased number of..

15.05.20 18:38 |

Bogoslov Stoyanov from Razgrad – the chimney sweep that brings people good luck and happiness

We have all heard that to touch a chimney sweep brings good luck and happiness, something 24-year old Bogoslov Stoyanov from Razgrad firmly believes.   Wearing a black shirt, a hat on his head and a wire brush over his shoulder, the..

09.05.20 21:36 |

Emergency situation in regions of Ruse, Pleven and Razgrad because of African swine fever

State of emergency has been declared in the districts of Rousse, Pleven and Razgrad because of the spread of African swine fever. There are 4 outbreaks in the region of Rousse, the latest being in a farm with 40,000 animals in the village of..

24.07.19 12:43 |
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