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Plamen Tonchev, chairman of SANS

An adviser to the Bulgarian prime minister has coordinated the Bulgarian position with a citizen of North Macedonia

The chairman of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) Plamen Tonchev announced at his hearing in the parliament today about an established case in which an adviser to the Bulgarian prime minister coordinated the positions of the Ministry of..

30.05.23 15:54 |

President of North Macedonia: This country will not perish if we include Bulgarians in the constitution

If Bulgarians were included in the Constitution, our country would not perish. The inclusion of Bulgarians in the basic law does not threaten the sovereignty, independence and the country's European path. This was what President of the Republic of..

29.03.23 19:36 |
President Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev: Panic and helplessness lie behind the closure of the Bulgarian centre in Bitola

"The decision of the authorities in North Macedonia to delete from the central register the Bulgarian association Cultural Center "Ivan Mihailov" in Bitola is an expression of powerlessness," President Rumen Radev commented to journalists in Brussels...

23.03.23 18:52 |
Minister Milkov

North Macedonia denies allegations of restricting Bulgarians' right of association

"The Law on Associations and Foundations and the decisions of the Commission on Names are not directed against the guaranteed freedom for association, but against decisions that associations bear the names of controversial individuals..

18.03.23 11:38 |

North Macedonia calls for peaceful commemoration of the anniversary of Gotse Delchev's birth

Bujar Osmani and Oliver Spasovski - the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of the Interior of the Republic of North Macedonia , as well as the Police Officers' Trade Union in the country called for a peaceful celebration of the 151st anniversary of the..

03.02.23 16:24 |
There is radicalization in North Macedonia against Bulgaria.

Rumen Radev: Skopje to demonstrate they are actively fighting the anti-Bulgarian campaign 

Bulgarian Head of State Rumen Radev said that it is no longer enough for the authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia to prove that they are not part of the anti-Bulgarian campaign.  Sofia acquaints the EU with the worsening situation of..

24.01.23 20:34 |
Bulgarian cultural centre in Ohrid after attack

Politicians demand that EU protect the rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia

Representatives of various political forces call for a pan-European position on the cases of violence against Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia.  The reason for the position was the case of the attack on the secretary of the Bulgarian..

24.01.23 14:52 |

Balkan Developments

Skopje defines 5 conditions to EU to accept the French proposal for negotiations The Republic of North Macedonia has rejected the proposal by the French presidency to lift the veto and start EU membership talks with Skopje. After the Western..

24.06.22 11:23 |

National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss the French proposal concerning Skopje’s EU accession negotiations

The National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee will discuss today the proposal of the French EU Council Presidency aimed at resolving the dispute between Sofia and Skopje . The draft includes Bulgarian requirements in the negotiating framework of..

22.06.22 05:05 |
Bulgarian Cultural Centre

Foreign Minister Genchovska: The arson of Bulgarian centre in Bitola is a result of hate speech

The arson of the Bulgarian Cultural Centre "Ivan Mihailov" in Bitola was committed extremely cold-bloodedly, purposefully and deliberately , Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska told bTV network.  Unknown perpetrators set entrance of newly opened..

05.06.22 12:23 |
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