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Muslims in Bulgaria celebrate Seker Bayram

Bulgarians of the Muslim faith are celebrating Ramazan Bayram. The feast lasting three days – 13, 14 and 15 May – is celebrated at the end of the month of forgiveness, a time in which Muslims have fasted for 30 days. Ramazan Bayram begins with..

13.05.21 11:27 |

Emblematic Bulgarian archaeological sites presented in online promotional campaign

After the success of the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides to popularize lesser known corners of Bulgaria, the time has come for the country’s cultural and historical heritage. A new idea..

12.03.21 19:10 |

Drone light show to illuminate the sky over Bulgaria's Chepelare winter resort

On the evening of March 7, over the winter resort of Chepelare in the Rhodopes, a light show with drones will illuminate the sky , the municipal press service announced. The audio-visual performance over the small town located in the midst of the..

07.03.21 15:23 |

One day in the life of a Bulgarian family in the Rhodope Mountain

The Rhodope Mountain is an endless fountain of natural beauty. Anyone willing to get a first-hand experience of Bulgarian lifestyle and traditions in these parts of the country can immerse themselves in the spirit of bygone times by paying a visit to one..

27.02.21 09:05 |

Ultramarathoners from 13 countries compete in race in Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains

More than 550 athletes from 13 countries are taking part in the GOLD BORDER RACE ultramarathon taking place in Bulgaria's town of Zlatograd , the municipal administration announced.  The competition takes place in three distances - 23, 53 and 85 km..

26.09.20 14:30 |
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