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Prime Minister checks road construction in the Rhodopes

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov was greeted with applause in the village of Krastava, Velingrad region. "We have done a lot in regions dominated by MRF," PM Borissov said. "This is not only in places where there are GERB mayors. We do not..

20.09.20 13:04 |

Record long air attraction welcomes guests of Chepelare this summer

A new interesting attraction draws the attention of tourists in the region of Chepelare – one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodopes. Hunters of beautiful emotions can fly over breath taking landscapes with a speed of nearly 100..

31.08.20 05:35 |

Rhodope cave Dobrostanski Biser gains huge popularity among tourist

The Rhodope cave Dobrostanski   Biser located near the town of Asenovgrad has attracted large number of tourists this summer. Tourist queue outside before entering the cave which abounds with beautiful rock formations. That is why the local..

30.08.20 05:25 |

Videos present the natural beauties of Bulgaria

The Ministry of Tourism has started broadcasting videos promoting places and tourist sites in Bulgaria that are largely unknown but have great potential for development. The videos are prepared jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides..

26.08.20 12:45 |

Soskovcheto Nature Reserve – a piece of heaven in the heart of the Rhodopes

The diversity of flora and fauna in Soskovcheto Nature Reserve, a haven in the summer heat located close to Smolyan in the Rhodopes, is truly amazing. But what tourists coming here are mostly after is the scenery and one of the most beautiful eco..

23.08.20 05:10 |

On foot or by bike in the mountains – adventure is back in fashion

Adventurous excursions are the new face of Bulgarian tourism and a way out of the dead end that Covid-19 has driven it into. It is already clear that for quite a long time tourists will prefer to go on holiday in secluded places..

01.08.20 05:25 |

Faith is the essence and meaning of life for Martin Ralchevski

“My spirit is here, in Bulgaria. That is why I don’t find it difficult to write about this country, although I live thousands of miles away”, Bulgarian writer Martin Ralchevski told Radio Bulgaria some time ago. The Sofia-born writer..

05.07.20 06:00 |

Bulgaria-attractive destination for slow tourism

Alternative tourism is a set of sustainable practices aimed at satisfying the individual interests and needs of the tourist, as well as at preserving local nature and culture. The emphasis is on the contact with the preserved natural environment,..

02.06.20 12:19 |

The music of wood

The cultural achievements of the European civilization swept over the newly-liberated Bulgarian state at the end of the 19 th and start of the 20 th century, warmly received by the enthusiastic Bulgarians thirsty for new knowledge..

19.01.19 08:20 |

Farmers from eastern Rhodopes protest over low purchase prices of milk

Farmers from the eastern Rhodopes protest today near Bulgaria’s Kardzhali because of low milk purchase prices and non-payment of subsidies. In addition to the resignation of Minister of Agriculture Rumen Porozhanov, farmers also demanded that..

25.01.18 14:25 |
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