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Black Vulture

Europe's largest vulture returns to Bulgaria's Eastern Rhodopes

Black Vultures, the largest and heaviest birds of prey in Europe, have returned to the Eastern Rhodopes after 14 birds were released from Spain at the end of last week, reports BNR Kardzhali. A team from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of..

15.11.22 19:11 |

Bulgarian archaeologists discover remains of an ancient Christian church near Tatul

The remains of two temples have been discovered near the legendary Thracian sanctuary of Orpheus near the village of Tatul in the Rhodopes. This is what the head of the archaeological works there, Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, told the BTA...

08.11.22 16:14 |

Museum of the Spirit opens doors in Shiroka Luka

After major renovation and restoration, the first grade school in the authentic village of Shiroka Luka in the Rhodopes has now reopened. The school, built in 1888, is now opening doors as a Museum of the Spirit, displaying artifacts, documents..

29.10.22 11:10 |

The mystery of the wooden mosque in Podkova village in the Rhodopes

The village of Podkova is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, just 15 kilometers away from the border with Greece. It is located away from the main road that leads to the "Makaza" border checkpoint, so casual travelers rarely stop here, but those..

22.08.22 15:50 |

Skiers dressed in traditional costumes celebrate National Day in Pamporovo resort

More than 700 skiers dressed in traditional costumes skied down the slope from Snezhanka peak to Studenets ski area in Pamporovo resort carrying the national flag.   Bulgarians from all ages and regions of the country took part in the procession. At..

03.03.22 16:56 |

A game farm in the Rhodopes to be transformed into a sheep’s milk and wool farm

The popular game farm Dichkan is located in the Southwestern portion of a beautiful mountain, the Rhodopes, close to Satovcha village near Blagoevgrad, an area with abundant game but also rolling pastures. The mild Mediterranean climate, as..

06.01.22 12:07 |

Villages in the Rhodopes remain without electricity after heavy rain and snowfalls

Dozens of villages in the region of Smolyan in the Rhodopes have remained without electricity, some of them for three days in a row. The reason is broken power lines after heavy rain and snow in the region. The deputy mayor of Smolyan..

15.12.21 15:59 |

Low purchase prices of tobacco stop sales

Low purchase prices have marked the beginning of this year's tobacco purchase campaign in the Eastern Rhodopes. Currently in the municipality of Kirkovo, which used to be the largest producer of oriental tobacco, the average price per..

10.12.21 16:26 |

Orange code warning for heavy rainfalls in eastern Bulgaria and the Rhodopes

The weather will remain cloudy and rainy during the night. In some places rainfalls will be significant. The lowest temperatures will range from 6 to 11 °C . On Saturday the rainfalls will continue , as heavy rain is..

15.10.21 19:40 |

Wildfire in the Rhodopes continues for 11th day

The fire in the area of Yugovo and Narechenski Bani in the Rhodopes continues raging . The fire keeps burning in places that are difficult to access and high in the mountains, but they are far from settlements, the correspondent of..

22.08.21 15:00 |

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