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Orange code warning for heavy rainfalls in eastern Bulgaria and the Rhodopes

The weather will remain cloudy and rainy during the night. In some places rainfalls will be significant. The lowest temperatures will range from 6 to 11 °C . On Saturday the rainfalls will continue , as heavy rain is..

15.10.21 19:40 |

Wildfire in the Rhodopes continues for 11th day

The fire in the area of Yugovo and Narechenski Bani in the Rhodopes continues raging . The fire keeps burning in places that are difficult to access and high in the mountains, but they are far from settlements, the correspondent of..

22.08.21 15:00 |

Pamporovo becomes curative tourism destination

The ski resort of Pamporovo has been attracting tourists for years, though not just in winter but during the warm months of the year as well, with its modern spa centres, outdoor swimming pools, as well as the sports opportunities it offers and..

01.08.21 11:10 |

Dolmens – the “dragon houses” of Sakar Mountain

Dolmens are ancient megalithic structures, horizontally-fixed massive stone slabs that are connected with the religious beliefs of the ancients. Researchers say that in Bulgaria, the highest concentration of such structures is in the mountains..

03.04.21 14:00 |

Whole villages in Eastern Rhodopes replace tobacco growing with emigration abroad

Entire villages in the Eastern Rhodopes are giving up on traditional tobacco growing in the region. One of the reasons is the low purchase prices. The agricultural institutions in the region report extremely low interest in buying..

19.03.21 15:07 |

Ski season in resort of Pamporovo ends

The lifts and the ski area of Pamporovo in the Rhodopes will work until March 21 and after that the ski season there ends, the company operating the resort said. The runs and the lift in the Mechi Chal area in Chepelare will stop..

18.03.21 16:45 |

Large-scale military exercise begins in the Rhodopes

A joint exercise is to take place in the region of Smolyan as of today until 27 March – Rhodopes 21, with the participation of more than 240 personnel from the land forces command, the 101 st Alpine regiment, the 110 th logistics regiment, the..

15.03.21 07:05 |

“Rozhen” National Astronomical Observatory marks 40th anniversary

On March 13, the National Astronomical Observatory "Rozhen" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences marks its 40-th anniversary. The complex in the Rhodopes has 3 telescopes. With the money from the National Roadmap for Scientific..

13.03.21 04:20 |

First steps in cross-country skiing with an Olympic champion

The second edition of the event "First steps in cross-country skiing" will be held on Sunday, January 24, in the ski resort of Pamporovo in the Rhodopes. Instructor in the initiative, which will take place with very limited participation because of..

23.01.21 05:35 |

Village of Zabardo is among finalists of Balkan Tourist Awards

The village of Zabardo in the Rhodopes is among the finalists in the sixth edition of the Balkan Awards of Tourism Industry 2020. The news has been reported by the website bgtourism.bg, referring to the organizers - VIP Communication. The final is..

11.11.20 19:21 |
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