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The gods showed Emperor Trajan place to establish Marcianopolis

Few people know that under a residential area of the northeastern Bulgarian town of Devnya the remains of one of the strategic centers of the Roman Empire lie – Marcianopolis. The place attracted the attention of the Romans with the abundant..

22.11.20 05:00 |

Roman market opens at Sexaginta Prista Fortress in Ruse

Dairy and bee products, juices, wines, handmade jewelry, painted glass, decorations, souvenirs - this is what masters and craftsmen offer at the Roman market, which has been opened for a consecutive year at the Sexaginta Prista Fortress in Ruse . On..

26.09.20 12:27 |

Tsari Mali Grad Fortress becomes venue for opera music

The Sofia Opera and Ballet is preparing for its latest festival “Portal of Two Worlds” which will be held in Tsari Mali Grad Fortress. The stronghold which dates back to the time of the late Roman Empire is located on St. Spas hill above the..

29.08.20 06:00 |

Deultum Roman colony near Burgas had port

Archaeologists from the Deultum-Debelt National Archaeological Reserve near Bulgaria’s Burgas have discovered the first written evidence that the Roman colony Deultum had a port, BGNES reported. The inscription was found on limestone sarcophagus,..

25.05.20 13:14 |
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