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Traditional Rose Festival takes place in Bulgaria's Karlovo

During the traditional Rose Festival in Karlovo, the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, stressed that the centuries-old traditions of growing roses in Bulgaria must be preserved.  Minister Ivanov pointed out that the Bulgarian oil-bearing..

28.05.22 17:17 |

A trip to the Rose Valley in the season of the “queen of flowers”

A legend has it that a Bulgarian who returned from Persia planted the first rose flower in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. When the man was still in Persia, he fulfilled the will of a rich and powerful shah to build a mosque in the courtyard of his..

28.05.21 16:30 |
Bulgaria's emblematic rose-yielding rose (Rosa Damascena)

Bulgaria's rose producers fear mass bankruptcies on eve of rose-harvesting season

On the eve of the rose-picking season, this sector is faced with mass bankruptcies ,  the chairman of the professional organization of producers of roses in Bulgaria, Hristo Nikolov, stated .  The rose-harvesting season is expected to start in early..

28.04.20 12:51 |
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