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Jazz festival and a festival of Thracian wine take place during the traditional festivities in the Valley of Thracian Kings in Kazanlak

In the last week of August, the town of Kazanlak, located in the Rose Valley, attracts a number of Bulgarians and foreign guests willing to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of valuable archaeological monuments, which tell the story of the..

27.08.22 11:10 |

Bulgarian rose oil - high price around the world and underpaid manual labor at home

Bulgarians often refer to the fragrant oil-bearing rose, which has been grown for centuries in the picturesque Bulgarian towns of Karlovo, Kazanlak, Strelcha and Perushtitsa, as “Queen Rose”. For more than 40 years an annual pageant called..

11.06.22 09:05 |

Ice-cream made in Rozino village in top 10 of best gelati in the world

Bulgaria is the only EU country which was included in the selection of the Gelato World Heritage convention in Rome, organized for the third time by the Associazione Italiana Gelatieri . A Bulgarian yogurt caused a sensation in the new..

26.11.21 10:52 |

Rose Festival in Kazanlak ends with "Parade of Aroma and Beauty"

The 118th Rose Festival in Kazanlak has ended with a colorful parade led by Alexandra Hadzhihristova who received the title “Queen Rose”. After a year-long pause because of the epidemic, the Bulgarian city was once again full of tourists and foreign..

06.06.21 17:24 |

Rose festival to take place in Bulgaria's Karlovo

This year's Rose Festival in Karlovo is held with a bazaar of rose-oil products "Rose Alley" and a craft workshop . For the first time it is organized not in the town centre but in the park near the stadium, BNR-Plovdiv reported. Today the festive..

29.05.21 07:05 |

A trip to the Rose Valley in the season of the “queen of flowers”

A legend has it that a Bulgarian who returned from Persia planted the first rose flower in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. When the man was still in Persia, he fulfilled the will of a rich and powerful shah to build a mosque in the courtyard of his..

28.05.21 16:30 |

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