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CEC spokesperson Rositsa Mateva in front of the voting machines dispatched abroad

Voters abroad will not have the option of ranked-choice voting: Central Election Commission spokesperson

“All machines earmarked for the voting abroad have already been dispatched to the Bulgarian missions. The additional 1,637 voting machines for use inside the country are expected in Sofia on the night of 29 June. The devices were purchased by public..

29.06.21 13:17 |
Rositsa Mateva

If possible, Bulgarians taking a holiday inside the country should go and vote abroad: Rositsa Mateva

“Always during elections we have recommended that, if the Bulgarian tourists in the country do not have a permanent address during their holiday but are close to the border, they should go and vote abroad,” said Rositsa Mateva, deputy chair of the..

25.06.21 12:48 |
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