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2021: A year of twists and turns, but pretty good for tourism

One more pandemic year is drawing to a close, as the people working in the tourism industry turn to stocktaking and making plans for the near future, as hazy as it may be. It is true that the pandemic turned our lives and travel plans around..

30.12.21 08:35 |
Rumen Draganov

Twice as many foreign tourists expected in Bulgaria during winter

“ Around half a million trips are expected to be taken at Christmas the New Year in Bulgaria. Approximately 60,000 will be trips outside of the country, mostly to neighbouring countries. Outbound passengers will travel to Europe to see friends and..

05.12.21 16:51 |
Rumen Draganov

Pandemic could ruin the winter tourist season in Bulgaria

“Bulgaria is in the dark-red Covid zone. Tourism is affected by this. There are two months to go until the start of the winter season and the situation could improve,” Rumen Draganov from the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism..

28.10.21 11:19 |
Rumen Draganov

Bulgaria expects better winter tourist season

Tourists are very interested in Bulgaria. In 2021, the number of tourists in this country is twice bigger as compared to last year. The outlook for the winter season is also better, because the flights to Great Britain and Russia will resume. Bulgaria..

18.10.21 10:40 |
Rumen Draganov

More than 1.5 million foreign tourists expected to visit Bulgaria in August

Europeans feel great in Bulgaria, because there are not so many restrictions in this country- people do not have to wear face masks outdoors and unvaccinated people can visit cafes and restaurants, Associate Professor Rumen Draganov, Director of the..

09.08.21 11:18 |

Bulgaria's tourist sector insists on clarity on future of tourist travel

In early April, tour operators need to know if they will be allowed to organize tourist trips during the Easter holiday. In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television, Prof. Rumen Draganov from the Bulgarian Tourist Union clarified that the..

11.03.21 11:51 |
Rumen Draganov

Tourism will recover after 40% of the population is vaccinated: Tourism confederation chairman

“For the tourism industry it is important that it start functioning on 22 December. The sector is categorically against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call for the closure of skiing resorts,” said Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov, chairman of the..

01.12.20 12:51 |
Rumen Draganov

No cases of Covid-19 were registered in Bulgarian seaside hotels in the summer: hoteliers

German tourists have filed complaints about vacations on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and are seeking compensation for not strict enough measures against Covid-19, tour operators announced at the Hotel Forum held in Sofia . Most often tourists..

01.10.20 14:52 |
Rumen Draganov

Hot weather kick-starts domestic tourism

190 , 000 tourism trips took place over the weekend. 50 , 000 people opted to go to the mountain, said Rumen Draganov from the Institute of Analysis and Assessment of Tourism for Bulgarian National TV. In his words, there is an..

29.06.20 10:39 |
Rumen Draganov from the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism

Spring decline in Bulgarian tourism amounts to 17%

The tourism industry expects 16,000 charter flights with foreigners to land in Bulgaria by the end of the season, said Rumen Draganov of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism. With 75% employment, we expect about 2.5 million foreigners..

21.06.20 11:46 |
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