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President Radev continues to demand resignation of the government and new elections

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev made an official address to the nation regarding the ongoing protests in Bulgaria. For a week now, thousands of Bulgarians have been out in the squarest, demanding the resignation of the government and the prosecutor..

15.07.20 18:51 |
MP Daniela Daritkova

GERB: President Radev should leave Presidency if he wants to implement political project

If President Rumen Radev wants to implement a political project, he should leave the Presidency and establish his own political party. Thus, we can talk with him about implementation of policies, MP and leader of the parliamentary group of GERB party..

12.07.20 12:38 |
Tomislav Donchev

The ruling party: The president demanded all the power

"You probably expect, after the statement of Mr. President a while ago, a mirror reaction. There will be no mirror reaction!", said Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev on the occasion of the official address of President Rumen Radev, with which he..

11.07.20 17:56 |
President Radev making statement in front of media

President Rumen Radev calls for resignations of government, prosecutor general

"The ruling party's decision to hold a rally in its support in close proximity to the civil protest and at the same time was a deliberate provocation to civil peace," Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev stated in an address to the nation.  In his..

11.07.20 16:01 |

GERB: The president is politically responsible for the clashes

The ruling GERB party has accused President Rumen Radev of the mass riots in front of the Ministerial Council last night during which three police officers were injured and nearly 20 demonstrators were arrested.  "The political responsibility for..

11.07.20 10:50 |
Sofia centre has been blocked by protests

Tensions escalate downtown Sofia as citizens march out in protest

Clashes took place between supporters and opponents of the government and President Rumen Radev at around 8.30 pm during two parallel protests held in front of the presidency and the Council of Ministers in central Sofia . The rapid reaction of the..

10.07.20 23:04 |
General Krassimir Stanchev

Head of National Service for Protection Krasimir Stanchev files resignation

The chief of the National Service for Protection, Gen. Krasimir Stanchev, has resigned after his resignation was requested earlier today by President Rumen Radev.  President Radev's request was motivated by the letters sent by the NSP to the..

10.07.20 17:19 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev demands resignation of the head of National Service for Protection

President Rumen Radev has demanded the resignation of the head of the National Service for Protection, Gen. Krassimir Stanchev. The request is in connection with the letters sent by the NSP to the responsible institutions for restricting the access of..

10.07.20 17:05 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev greets Donald Trump on occasion of Independence Day

Bulgaria’s Head of State Rumen Radev greeted US President Donald Trump on occasion of the National Day of the United States of America- Independence Day . The strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the USA is a solid basis for increasingly active..

04.07.20 12:16 |

Belogradchik is the spiritual stronghold of Bulgaria: President Radev

All Bulgarians look with admiration and pride at the Belogradchik Rocks. This unique natural phenomenon attracts people from all parts of the globe, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev said today during the opening of the festivities in the town of..

29.06.20 20:08 |
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