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Bulgargaz had to buy Russian gas through intermediaries

Bulgargaz  had to buy Russian gas through intermediaries at higher prices because of the termination of gas supplies by Gazprom, Ivan Topchiysky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bulgargaz said for the BNT. In his words, gas traders are not..

04.08.22 10:55 |

PM Petkov in Davos: Regional infrastructure allows for energy diversification of Bulgaria and the Balkans

"We can be optimistic about the next decade if we take into account the lessons of the past 10 years," Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said during "A Lost Decade?" discussion in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in..

25.05.22 18:47 |

Bulgaria must completely abandon Russian gas, Prime Minister Petkov says

By cutting off gas supplies to Bulgaria, Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to "demonstrate that he could destabilize a European government that has declared a policy of zero tolerance for corruption," Bulgarian Prime Minister..

22.05.22 17:08 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev

Assen Vassilev: A return to Gazprom for Bulgaria is unlikely

"It is never a mistake to give up working with a supplier who unilaterally changes conditions and uses gas for political purposes" , Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev said for Nova TV.  Minister Vassilev noted that..

21.05.22 16:25 |

59% of Bulgarians believe that NATO guarantees the country's security

70% of Bulgarians think that stopping the supply of Russian gas is extremely unfair , while 18% do not think so, and 13% answered "I can not determine". That's according to a nationally representative study by Market Links, commissioned by bTV. 36%..

17.05.22 11:30 |
PM Kiril Petkov during his visit to Ukraine

War, gas, prices: Is the future of the Bulgarian government uncertain?

As crisis after crisis pummels the government of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov - an unlikely coalition of four parties that do not see eye to eye on a host of critical issues - many are saying the cabinet may fall, some are even talking of early..

29.04.22 14:48 |

Bulgaria will not hold talks with Gazprom under pressure

Natural gas is being used as a political and economic weapon, Bulgarian Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov said, commenting on halted gas deliveries from Russia. Russia suspends natural gas supplies to Bulgaria "As..

27.04.22 12:58 |
Democratic Bulgaria MP and Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Energy Committee Ivaylo Mirchev .

Bulgaria has secured alternative natural gas supplies, says MP Ivaylo Mirchev

Bulgaria will not be dependent on natural gas supplies from Russia , Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Energy Committee Ivaylo Mirchev told Bulgarian National TV. The only obstacle to signing an agreement for alternative supplies are the..

23.04.22 15:09 |
Head of the Prime Minister’s Political Cabinet Lena Borislavova

Cabinet spokesperson: We think it is unlikely that Russia would turn off gas to Bulgaria

Bulgaria's government has discussed a set of measures that will be taken if Russia shuts off gas supplies, Head of the Prime Minister’s Political Cabinet Lena Borislavova said.  "Our country adheres to the common European position that payments..

30.03.22 19:38 |
It was originally envisaged that Azeri gas would begin to flow via the high-profile Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) from the start of 2021, but work on the pipeline has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Kiril Petkov: Azeri gas will flow via the high-profile interconnector Greece-Bulgaria in September

The interconnector with Greece near Komotini is expected to be completed by the end of June and the Azeri gas to flow through it to Bulgaria in September , Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who inspected the gas route today, said. According to PM..

21.03.22 17:12 |

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