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Camels in southeastern Bulgaria – how camel breeding turned into a lucrative business

Camels came to Kavakli (Topolovgrad of today) from Western and Eastern Thrace, together with their keepers, Bulgarians from those parts, banished from their villages after the 1919 Treaty of Neuilly. That was how, in the period from 1923 to 1925..

10.07.21 14:10 |

Dolmens – the “dragon houses” of Sakar Mountain

Dolmens are ancient megalithic structures, horizontally-fixed massive stone slabs that are connected with the religious beliefs of the ancients. Researchers say that in Bulgaria, the highest concentration of such structures is in the mountains..

03.04.21 14:00 |
The Dolmen at Nachovi Chairi locality near Topolovgrad is one of the best-preserved in Bulgaria’s territory

Millennia-old dolmens – the unfathomable secret of Bulgaria’s Sakar Mountain

Sakar is a mountain in Southeastern Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey. It is the lowest mountain and one of the most sparsely populated regions in the country. There have been claims that Sakar used to be a cradle of an ancient..

15.08.20 07:00 |

Big fire in Sakar Mountain has been extinguished

The fire in Sakar Mountain next to the Bulgaria-Turkey border has been extinguished, after raging for four days , BNT reports. More than 200 people – volunteers, firefighters, forestry workers, soldiers, as well as a military helicopter..

11.08.20 09:41 |
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