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Special forces receive new Bulgarian-made combat equipment

The new combat equipment of the Bulgarian Joint Special Operations Command was consecrated today by Plovdiv Metropolitan Nikolay. "We already have 92 machines -  armored personnel carriers, out of a total of 98 under contract,"..

19.10.22 20:53 |

The Samokov Convent – an oasis of spirituality at the foot of Rila Mountain

This holy place was founded in 1772 as a convent of the Hilendar Monastery on Mount Athos. Over the decades, the convent of the Protection of the Mother of God (Pokrov Bogorodichen) was expanded as new buildings donated by locals were added to..

02.10.21 09:05 |

Bulgaria Today – July 27, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Tuesday, July 27 th we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about an interesting exhibition in the town of Samokov. At the end, we bring you some new..

27.07.21 18:09 |

The colorful world of Bulgarian embroidery exhibited in Samokov

In the middle of summer, the mountain resort of Borovets welcomes its guests with its well-marked paths that lead to the secrets of the Rila Mountains. But if you want to combine your mountain vacation with cultural tourism, we recommend visiting..

27.07.21 16:37 |

Borovets ski resort expects tourists from Bulgaria and the Balkans

Bulgaria has already entered the Covid-19 red color-code zone. The tourism industry is once again facing serious difficulties. However, the Bulgarian mountain resorts are ready to attract tourists under strict compliance with the..

09.11.20 13:39 |

Pétanque once again brings together fans of the game of all ages

Three events dedicated to the metal-ball game – pétanque – are once again bringing together fans and players. The first two are in Sofia – a friendly tournament on 3 October and qualifiers for the European veterans championship on 4 October...

03.10.20 05:45 |

Valley of Beli Iskar River- get to know the wildlife of Rila Mountain

There is a place located at the foot of Rila Mountain not far from the town of Samokov where one can enjoy crystal clear air, silence and nature, untouched by civilization. For the purpose, a nice eco trail was built in the region. It..

03.10.20 04:10 |
Ass. Prof. Angel Kunchev

Curbing the new Covid-19 outbreaks to be done without extreme measures

The new outbreaks of coronavirus in Bulgaria can be curbed without resorting to extreme measures such as imposing full quarantine and setting up entry and exit checkpoints, Bulgaria's Chief State Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev told Nova TV..

06.06.20 13:24 |

Samokov-town of traditions going back to national revival period

The town of Samokov was known as the center of culture, enlightenment and famous icon-painters in the not so distant past. However, the development of this Bulgarian town was mainly boosted by iron ore mining that existed in the region since the middle..

13.06.19 13:19 |
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