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Priceless artifacts, holograms and augmented reality - welcome to the Archaeological Museum of Sandanski

The Day of Bulgarian Archeology coincides with the feast of Trifon Zarezan (Saint Trifon’s Day) in the old style calendar - a great occasion to take you to one of the most developed wine regions in Bulgaria, and in particular to Sandanski, to talk..

14.02.23 14:39 |

Police confiscates more than 1 kg of cocaine in Bulgaria's Sandanski

Bulgaria's police unit for countering organized crime has seized more than a kilogram of cocaine at the time of a deal being carried out in the town of Sandanski close to the Greek-Bulgarian border.  A total of four people have been detained so far...

12.02.22 11:43 |

Hotel and restaurant operators infuriated by PCR test requirement in addition to green certificate

Hotel and restaurant keepers from Sandanski will organize a protest unless the Health Ministry revokes its decision for a PCR test mandate upon entry into Bulgaria from Greece. The association of local tourist businesses sent an open letter to..

26.11.21 12:56 |

Fire near Sandanski causes casualties among people combating the disaster

Two forest rangers from the Southwestern State Forestry Enterprise  were killed while taking part in the efforts to extinguish the fire near Petrovo, Sandanski municipality, others have been injured. The wind probably turned around,..

04.08.21 16:49 |

Easter holidays – a breath of fresh air for hoteliers in Sandanski and Velingrad

Bulgarian spa resorts of Sandanski and Velingrad are expected to be full on Easter (May 2) and St. George's Day (May 6). The owners of local hotels and restaurants follow the health regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic and the..

28.04.21 12:27 |

Day of mourning in Sandanski over murder of two children

A day of mourning has been declared in Sandanski in Southwestern Bulgaria over the murder of two children aged 3 and 5. The district prosecutor’s office in Blagoevgrad has charged the 32-year old mother of the children with murder, the..

20.11.20 19:25 |

European Commission approves project for building 40 km of Struma motorway

The European Commission has approved the project for construction of 40 kilometers of the Struma motorway in its parts of Blagoevgrad – Krupnik; Kresna – Sandanski, as well as the “Zheleznitsa” tunnel. The total amount of the EU Cohesion Fund allocation..

09.11.17 17:13 |
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