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Political declaration dedicated to September 9 causes tension in Parliament

A declaration of "Democratic Bulgaria", dedicated to the communist coup of September 9, 1944, caused tension in Bulgaria’s National Assembly. “People were subject to persecution over those 45 years. They  were deprived of opportunities to..

09.09.21 11:31 |

76 years since September 9, 1944- a controversial date in Bulgaria’s history

Until 31 years ago, September 9 was celebrated as a national holiday in Bulgaria and a turning point that brought the Bulgarian Communist Party to power. Today, the older generations remain divided in their assessments of the communist regime introduced..

09.09.20 15:37 |

September 9, day for reconciliation: President Rumen Radev

September 9 marks 73 years since one of the most controversial dates in Bulgaria’s modern history. On that day in 1944 the Fatherland Front led by PM Kimon Georgiev seized political power in Bulgaria. Soon after that the communist regime took over..

09.09.17 16:07 |

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