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Balkan developments

A wave of international solidarity and aid for Turkey after the ‎earthquakes Nearly 6,500 foreign rescuers from 56 countries are working on the ground in ‎Southern Turkey, which on February 6 was rocked by a series of earthquakes, ‎the..

10.02.23 11:13 |

Bulgaria and Serbia to improve their transport connectivity

Bulgaria and Serbia will work for improving connectivity between the two countries . Next week, a working group between the two countries starts preparations for the development of a project for a second cross-border railway connection, as well as..

20.01.23 17:45 |

Balkan developments

Greek and Turkish ships exchange air shots in the Aegean Sea The crew of a Greek Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots on January 5 to deter a Turkish Coast Guard vessel that tried to ram it, authorities in Athens said, BTA reports. The..

06.01.23 11:40 |

Nikolay Krastev: Bulgaria should have an envoy of its own for the Western Balkans

2022 has been a complex year for the Western Balkans. The key issue that had to be resolved was connected with the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, and the veto which this country had imposed with regard to the European..

30.12.22 18:04 |

No Bulgarians injured after train derailment and ammonia leak in Serbia

No Bulgarians were injured after a freight train transporting ammonia in Serbia derailed causing a leak, Deputy Minister of Transport Krasimir Papukchiiski has told BNT. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry..

26.12.22 09:40 |

Balkan developments

Mayor of Istanbul sentenced to prison for insulting high ranking public officials   A Turkish court convicted the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu, at first instance, sentencing him to two years and seven months of imprisonment on charges..

16.12.22 14:01 |
Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov: We are losing the 100-year "war" for the survival of the Bulgarians in the Western Outlands

The events of November 6-8, 1920, have marked with fear and sadness the life of the Bulgarians in the Western Outlands. The memory of the Serbian occupation of Bosilegrad, Tsaribrod and Struma region is alive in their collective consciousness. The..

04.11.22 17:13 |

Balkan Developments

Connectivity between Western Balkans countries improves The prime ministers of the six Western Balkan countries: Ana Brnabić of Serbia, Dimitar Kovačevski of North Macedonia,