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Boyko Rashkov

Reports of electoral pressure exerted on members of the public

“The regional governor of Smolyan has reported that in his region, in some of the towns and villages, unprecedented pressure is being exerted on members of the public, voters, in all kinds of ways," Deputy Prime Minister and interim Minister of the..

23.06.21 13:03 |

Hristo Topchiev and his magical “kaba” bagpipes

The biggest, the smallest, the strangest bagpipe… Over the years he has crafted hundreds of bagpipes. Despite the pandemic he has never stopped working. In a small workshop in the neighbourhood of Raykovo in Smolyan, work never stops. 80-year..

09.04.21 20:05 |

Motorcyclists in Bulgaria close season in the Rhodopes

Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country gather in Smolyan to close the season. The procession of motorcyclists will make a tour around the Rhodope town and will stop in the mountain resort of Pamporovo. Police teams will be checking for..

04.10.20 10:15 |

A new museum opens in an ancient Smolyan house

A new museum has opened in Smolyan. It is arranged in the ancient Hajitchonev House. Both the idea and the execution is credited to the Rhodope Hajduks youth group. The group's mission is to preserve and promote cultural heritage in the region of..

08.01.17 09:05 |
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