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Parents protest in Sofia over shortage of nurseries and kindergartens

Parents are to protest for yet another day in front of the Sofia Municipality building over the shortage of nurseries and kindergartens in the capital city. Their protest is held under the motto “Place for Every Child!”. It turned out that more than..

25.05.21 05:00 |
Ivan Vazov National Theratre in Sofia

Sofia Municipality summer programmes kicks off today

Sofia Municipality has a diverse outdoor programme of cultural events lined up for the summer. The 218 events – plays, concerts, screenings, programmes for children will continue into the warm days of October. The summer programme kicks off..

16.05.21 07:05 |

Bulgaria's capital Sofia adopts program for cleaner air

Low-emission zones for transport and domestic heating will be established within the framework of the Complex Program for Improving the Atmospheric Air Quality for the Period 2021-2026 adopted today by the Sofia Municipality. A low-emission zone for..

22.04.21 18:50 |

Sofia may ban access of high emission cars to central areas on days with high levels of air pollution

High emission vehicles will not be allowed in the central area of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on days with high levels of air pollution, envisages a new program of Sofia Municipality, which is to be discussed at today's session of Sofia Municipal..

22.04.21 05:30 |

Spring carpets of tulips and violets bring colorful mood into Sofia

Despite the anti-epidemic measures and the colder weather this spring, citizens of Sofia often go for walks in streets, parks and city gardens, enjoying the sun and the trees and bushes that have slowly started to green. In April, Sofia shakes..

14.04.21 12:28 |

Outdoor exhibition in Sofia dedicated to Indonesia

Residents of Sofia and guests to the city can enjoy a photo exhibition from the largest archipelago on earth as they walk in the Crystal Garden . Entitled "Wonders of Indonesia", the exotic photos take us to sunnier and warmer latitudes...

03.04.21 13:15 |
Sofia Municipality building

Sofia Municipality to support innovative social projects

Sofia Municipality is to finance projects aimed to support children, families and disadvantaged citizens. The projects aim to improve their quality of life and help them overcome social exclusion. They are part of the Social Innovation..

28.03.21 05:00 |
Deputy mayor of Sofia, Doncho Barbalov

Sofia's Townhall to stay open despite infected municipal councillors

The main building of the Sofia townhall will not be closed because of the municipal councilors infected with Covid-19, Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov told the BNR. He assured that the building is disinfected daily every 4 hours. Only the contact persons..

23.06.20 14:27 |

Vitosha Park re-opens for visitors

The Sofia Municipality announced that Vitosha Nature Park will re-open for visits on May 3 after on May 1 Bulgaria's Minister of Health lifted the ban on visiting mountains, national parks and nature parks outide cities and towns. Important..

02.05.20 18:04 |

Sofia announced architectural competition for renovation of St. Nedelya square

Sofia Municipality has announced a second international competition for design concepts for the renovation of the St. Nedelya square in the centre of Sofia. The new conditions include the pre-selection of candidates based on their experience...

20.02.19 10:00 |
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