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Sofia reports new growth of foreign tourists since the beginning of the year

Tourist arrivals in Sofia are up 12% compared to the same period in 2023 , the Ministry of Tourism said. The Sofia Municipality informed that the registered overnight stays for the half-year were just over 1.3 million, a 10% increase compared to the..

16.07.24 12:21 |
Dimitar Glavchev

Bulgaria asks Skopje to return to the 2017 good-neighbourliness agreement

We discussed how to make NATO stronger, focusing on the collective, while at the same time strengthening the defense of each member country, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev said. He added that in the discussions in..

11.07.24 09:37 |
Boyko Borissov

Bulgaria will not be giving cash to Ukraine

Yesterday, a new attempt was made to insinuate that Bulgaria would give cash to Ukraine, GERB leader Boyko Borissov said in parliament. At the closed session of the National Assembly discussing the NATO Summit in Washington, it became..

05.07.24 11:06 |

There is just one church in Sofia named after Saints Peter and Paul

The fate of the Saints Peter and Paul church in Sofia has had its ups and downs, it has been through all kinds of uncertainties. It is perhaps one of the lesser known churches in the capital city, but it is also the only one named after the apostles –..

29.06.24 08:30 |

Dragon Boat Festival to take place at Lake Pancharevo near Sofia

On 29 and 30 June the lake in Pancharevo near Sofia will be hosting the Dragon Boat Festival . During the two days dragon boat races will be held on the rowing base, which everyone can watch. The festival with free entrance will be held in two main..

29.06.24 06:05 |

Daily flights between Sofia and Burgas during the summer starting in July

The national air carrier "Bulgaria Air" resumed its regular flights between Sofia and Burgas, BNR Burgas has reported. Regular daily flights start on July 1 and there will be daily transport until September 8, except on July 3,..

23.06.24 16:25 |

The first day center for persons with severe disabilities opens in Sofia

The first Day Center for adults with severe multiple disabilities opened doors in the capital city, Nadezhda Bacheva, Deputy Mayor of Sofia has announced.  The newly opened center, located in the "Slatina" district, has 30 places..

23.06.24 10:58 |

Strong storm knocked down trees and closed streets in Sofia and Bansko

After last night's strong storm, teams of the "Emergency Assistance and Prevention" Directorate of the Sofia Municipality are removing broken branches and trees from the streets. At the moment, eight teams of the Directorate..

14.06.24 10:00 |
Luc Levy

Luc Levy on European Dialogues and identity

"What is the European history we share? What are the cultural characteristics and political discourse that shape and sustain the project for a united Europe in Sofia and Paris, in Kiyv and in Warsaw; in Riga and in Budapest, in..

13.06.24 16:55 |

Seventh edition of "Park Fest" takes place in Sofia

The capital's "Studentski" Park is hosting the seventh edition of "Park Fest" from June 13 to 16. On this occasion, a Ferris wheel, with a height of more than 22 meters will be installed. This will be the tallest Ferris wheel that has visited Sofia. The..

12.06.24 18:13 |
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