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Pirogov medics move their protest in front of presidency

After the new leadership of Pirogov Hospital announced the end of the protests in front of the medical institution, medics and former patients gathered in front of the presidency. "Their protest is not in defense of fired director Prof. Asen..

22.07.21 19:33 |

President Radev: North Macedonia must put end to discrimination against Bulgarians

Meeting the Copenhagen criteria is a prerequisite for the start of EU Membership talks with North Macedonia, President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with Petar Kolev, leader of the Civic Democratic Union (GDU) in North Macedonia. The Bulgarian..

22.07.21 19:23 |

Virtuoso violinist Vasko Vassilev shares with the world the beauty of Sofia in five videos

Many of my friends who come to Bulgaria adore Sofia. That's why I wanted to do something to make the beauty of our city be seen all over the world, says the world-famous Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev about the desire that provoked him to..

18.07.21 09:45 |
Malko Tarnovo street

Thousand-year old history of Sofia’s shortest street Malko Tarnovo presented tonight

At 7.30 tonight, archive material will tell the story of one of Sofia’s shortest streets (a mere 60 metres) – Malko Tarnovo – as part of a project “Malko Tarnovo – the street of time”. A temporary exhibition highlighting stories from different..

16.07.21 06:15 |

Three Seas Initiative gives hope for intensive development of the region

Bulgaria has been hosting a meeting of the leaders of the Three Seas Initiative . Such a large-scale forum has been held for the first time in this country since the rotational EU presidency and the meeting of the European Council in Sofia back in..

09.07.21 17:14 |

Three Seas Summit and Business Forum in Sofia continues

The second day of the Three Seas Summit and Business Forum in Sofia with the participation of representatives of 12 countries located between the Black Sea, Adriatic Sea and the Baltic Sea has started. Today, the representatives of the..

09.07.21 05:15 |

Illegal migrants detained in Sofia

Police have detained a group of illegal migrants near Sofia's Mladost district. They were spotted by people in the area, who signaled the police. Teams sent to the scene detained a total of 11 people, most of them men. They were taken to the district..

04.07.21 13:58 |

Paris expects issue with Skopje to be resolved in 2022

At the invitation of member of the French Senate Loïc Hervé, Vice President Iliana Yotova has met with representatives of the France-Bulgaria Friendship Group in the Senate. A wide range of topics in the relations between Bulgaria and France..

30.06.21 13:12 |

Bulgaria's position on North Macedonia must be respected

Days before Portugal hands over the Presidency of the Council of the EU to Slovenia on July 1st, Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias said she expected Ljubljana to help resolve the issue between Bulgaria and North..

29.06.21 09:34 |

Directorate for National Construction Control stops construction of controversial skyscraper in Sofia

The Directorate for National Construction Control in Bulgaria has stopped the completion of the Golden Century skyscraper in Sofia due to a construction permit that expired in January 2020. Earlier today, employees of construction company..

21.06.21 16:32 |
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