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Danube Bridge 1 linking Giurgiu in Romania with Ruse in Bulgaria

Romanian Vice Premier requests postponement of Danube Bridge repairs because of summer tourist season

Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, who is also Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, has asked the Bulgarian authorities to postpone the repair of Danube Bridge 1 at Giurgiu on the Romanian side and Ruse on the Bulgarian to autumn,..

09.06.22 13:18 |
Transport Minister Nikolay Sabev (L) and Minister of Regional Development Grozdan Karadzhov with Sorin Grindeanu

Transport ministers of Bulgaria and Romania agree to reopen ferry between two countries

Bulgaria’s Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev met with Romania’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Sorin Grindeanu, as part of the initiative for facilitating traffic between the two countries . During their meeting, Ministers Sabev and..

28.01.22 16:29 |

Nikolay Sabev and Sorin Grindeanu to discuss measures aimed to facilitate movement between Bulgaria and Romania

Today, January 28, Bulgaria’s Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolay Sabev is expected to meet in the city of Ruse with Romania’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure  Sorin Grindeanu . The discussion..

28.01.22 05:05 |

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