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Propf. Iva Hristova

Prof Iva Hristova: There is no confirmed case of the new coronavirus variant Omicron in Bulgaria

“There is no confirmed case of the new coronavirus variant Omicron in Bulgaria,” Prof. Iva Hristova, head of the National Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases stated for the BNR, following the confirmed Omicron infection of two Romanian..

05.12.21 14:34 |

Bulgaria introduces mandatory ten-day quarantine for persons returning from South Africa

As of Sunday, November 28, Bulgarian citizens and persons with permanent or long-term residence status in Bulgaria and their family members will be placed under mandatory ten-day quarantine when returning from Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa,..

28.11.21 15:53 |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding travel to South Africa

Bulgaria’s embassy in Pretoria has warned that due to the newly discovered version of Covid-19 - Omicron and the anti-epidemic measures introduced, many international flights to the Republic of South Africa and countries in the..

27.11.21 17:37 |

South Africa shows interest in Bulgarian yogurt

At a meeting in Sofia, Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev and South Africa's Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Alvin Botes reaffirmed the two sides' desire to intensify bilateral relations...

15.10.21 15:57 |

Three Bulgarians detained in operation against drug trafficking near South Africa

Three Bulgarians were detained on a fishing vessel off the coast of South Africa. They were charged with dealing in a large quantity of cocaine, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.  On March 2, the local media  informed that a large..

03.03.21 16:15 |
Angelina Samsonova before the Parliament buiding in Pretoria

Angelina Samsonova: We, Bulgarians in Durban dream of having a Bulgarian Sunday school

On the shores of the Indian Ocean, in South Africa, there is a town with a population of three million, a city as vibrant as if it has brought together the entire world in one place. But that is what the whole of the Republic of South..

16.02.21 14:10 |

Meeting the Bulgarians in Johannesburg

The beginning of the 90s of the XX century was a period of active changes, searches, and experiments for many Bulgarians. The fall of the Iron Curtain brought an end to the restrictions of socialism. Many were forced to change their profession,..

28.10.20 12:12 |
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