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Alexandar Lazarov

Alexandar Lazarov wins another tennis title in Sozopol

Alexandar Lazarov won the title at the  ITF tournament for men on a hard surface of the "Futures" series, held in the town of Sozopol, with a prize fund of USD 15,000.  Number 1 seed Lazarov  defeated 6:2, 6:4  fourth-seed  Max..

23.10.22 17:07 |
Alexandar Lazarov

Alexandar Lazarov wins tennis quarterfinals in Sozopol

Bulgaria's national competitor for the "Davis" Cup, Alexandar Lazarov, has qualified for the singles final of the international tennis tournament for men on a hard surface of the "Futures" series of the World Federation ITF held in Sozopol, Bulgaria ,..

22.10.22 14:25 |
Discovery of a massive iron anchor

Portus Baglar or the bay of vines reveals secrets lying on the bottom of the Black Sea for thousands of years

An underwater National History Museum expedition in the bay of Cape Hristos, South of Sozopol, ended a few days ago after making some unique discoveries connected with the history of navigation, and loading and unloading operations in this..

29.09.22 12:05 |

Theatre director Galin Stoev: Theatre turns anger and powerlessness into something constructive

Bulgarian theatre director Galin Stoev is perhaps the most recognizable figure in the worldwide theatre scene associated with Bulgaria. As manager and director of the National Theatre of the French city of Toulouse, he knows that establishing yourself..

14.09.22 16:22 |

Ivo Papazov - Ibryama with another worldwide recognition for his talent

The world-renowned Bulgarian clarinetist Ivo Papazov – Ibryama has added another award to his collection. His undeniable talent was recognized with the grand prize at the international festival of world and electronic music WOMEX 2022. It..

11.09.22 11:15 |

The festival spirit of Apollonia comes alive again

Sozopol is once again the cultural capital of Bulgaria as the 38th Apollonia Arts Festival is in full swing until September 5. More than 50 events are included in the programme of the festival - theatre, music, fine arts, cinema, literature, presenting..

01.09.22 14:45 |

The Apollonia arts festival opens in Bulgaria's Sozopol

From today until September 5, Sozopol on the Black Sea coast becomes the cultural capital of Bulgaria for the 38th year. During these days, favorite Bulgarian artists from various fields of art will present their work on various stages in the coastal..

28.08.22 16:45 |

Bulgaria's coastal resort Sozopol to host 4th edition of Pupper and Square Theatre Art festival

Until August 10, the 4th edition of the International Festival for Puppet and Square Theatre "Harlequin and Marionette" is being held in the coastal town of Sozopol on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.   Along with the Bulgarian participants, there are..

06.08.22 06:55 |

Sozopol to celebrate its day with swimming marathon, folk music concert

With a holy liturgy in the church of St.St. Cyril and Methodius this morning, the holiday of the seaside town of Sozopol will be opened . Traditionally, a swimming marathon with a distance of 2 km will be held, and the best participants will receive..

17.07.22 06:35 |

Ancient Apollonia comes to life in Mesarite archaeological complex on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast

Far back in the past, the Mesarite area near the present-day town of Sozopol was an outlying territory of the ancient Greek colony of Apollonia of Pontius . Traces of buildings, burial facilities, ritual hearths and a well-formed road dating to..

16.07.22 08:50 |

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