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Discover the seven UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria

On occasion of the International Day for Monuments and Sites (World Heritage Day) held on April 18, Radio Bulgaria presents Bulgaria’s seven cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: The ancient town of Nessebar is located..

18.04.21 08:00 |
Holy Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki Cathedral in Vidin

Bulgaria restores religious temples of great historical and cultural significance

At its last sitting, Bulgaria’s cabinet approved more than EUR 2 million for the restoration of religious temples and church buildings. Almost a quarter of the amount is to be spent on the conservation and the restoration of the Muldava..

17.04.21 08:50 |

Bulgarians bow to enlighteners of public consciousness

The first national enlighteners instilled in people’s hearts the thirst for knowledge and the urge for freedom and with their enlightening mission helped in realizing the national ideal. In today's uncertain world, we again need individuals to..

01.11.20 06:00 |
The Roma quarters of Vidin – volunteers give our protection masks made by a local family

It is important to rely on each other and tame human selfishness

Pandemic is spreading across the globe during the Great Lent. Bulgarian writer Vladimir Zarev sees biblical signs in this kind of apocalypse, where everyone is standing face-to-face with their sins. There really is something biblical in the..

17.04.20 08:00 |

Pernik’s public holiday – lots of music and fun

The Day of Pernik is celebrated on October 19 th . On this date we pay homage to the memory of St. John of Rila, the protector of the Bulgarian people, called ‘an angel on Earth and a haven resident’ while he was still alive. The man was a..

19.10.17 10:37 |

Church honors heavenly protector of Bulgarians

On October 19 the Orthodox Church marks the Feast of St. John of Rila - heavenly protector of the Bulgarian people. Ivan Rilski was born around 876 and until the age of 25 was a shepherd, but after that he became a monk and lived in complete solitude,..

19.10.16 09:35 |
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