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Fishermen in Burgas celebrate St. Nicholas Day for a second time this year

In the fishing village of Chengene Skele near Burgas, fishermen celebrate St. Nicholas Day once again, now according to the Julian calendar. The holiday is celebrated by blessing the boats and throwing wreaths and flowers into the..

19.12.21 10:52 |

Citizens of Burgas celebrate Day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Traditionally, Burgas celebrates St. Nicholas Day with a rich program. After the solemn holy liturgy in honor of St. Nicholas, a prayer was held in memory of the fallen sailors and fishermen in the church of "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker" in the "Meden..

06.12.21 19:25 |

Bulgaria in pictures

Nikulden is one of the best-loved feast days in this country. It is celebrated on 6 December, the day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.   St. Nicholas is the saint who wields power over the seas, the lakes and the entire underwater world. He is..

03.12.21 17:39 |

Popular beliefs about hair, beards, moustaches

The first snow falls to earth from St. Dimitar’s beard, one legend goes. But there are others too – that it is St. Nicholas or Archangel Michael that shake the first snowflakes out of their beards. Alongside hair and nails, male beards..

13.11.21 07:50 |

We mark day of Saint Varvara, protectress of children

Saint Varvara (or Saint Barbara) is the female saint to whom the fourth day of December is dedicated, as she is venerated by both Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Special chants describing her feat are performed during the church service on this day...

04.12.20 05:45 |

Nikulden, the day of St. Nicholas celebrated today

6 December is the day of one of the most revered saints throughout the Christian world – St. Nicholas of Myra, also called Wonderworker. St. Nicholas is patron saint of the seas, of sailors and fishermen, and 6 December is celebrated as the..

06.12.17 09:40 |
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