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Special program marks the 80th birth anniversary of legendary Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov

"Well, how can I not be satisfied with life? Look how cute I am. I wish my students that God gives them the chance to experience what happened to me in my life. I have already told a lot about life - it is joy, happiness and a smile…"..

05.12.22 15:42 |

“Stage at a Crossroads” drama festival honours Stefan Danailov

The 24 th autumn international drama festival “Stage at a Crossroads” opens on 11 September and will go on until 21 September, 2020. The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Plovdiv municipality.   Expectedly, the programme of this..

11.09.20 06:05 |

Bulgaria says last farewell to actor Stefan Danailov

Thousands of students, actors and admirers gathered at the Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia to say their last farewell to Stefan Danailov. The great Bulgarian actor passed away days before his 77 th birthday. People say that the loss for Bulgarian..

02.12.19 15:41 |
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