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Minister of Regional Development Grozdan Karadzhov

Regional Minister Karadzhov is realistic about the infrastructure projects

I have not promised to build a bridge in four years, because this is impossible, Bulgaria’s Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Grozdan Karadzhov said for Nova TV in connection with the announcement of this country’s Minister of Finance..

24.01.22 13:31 |
Bulgaria’s Deputy Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov

Tragic bus accident on Struma motorway caused by human error

The investigation of the tragic buss accident on Struma motorway, which claimed 45 lives, has been almost completed, Bulgaria’s Deputy Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov said for the BNT. "The bus was literally pierced by the road safety..

14.12.21 12:51 |
Minister Violeta Komitova

The tourist bus was not speeding before the tragic accident on Sruma motorway: Minister Violeta Komitova

The section of Struma motorway where the recent tragic bus accident occurred, was not issued an Act 16, a document that ascertains the suitability for use, because expropriation procedures have not been completed, this country’s caretaker Minister of..

30.11.21 17:16 |

Four survivors of the tragic bus accident on Struma motorway return to Skopje

Another four survivors of the tragic bus accident on Bulgaria's Struma motorway were discharged from Sofia's Pirogov emergency hospital today as they would be transported with North Macedonian and Serbian ambulances back home. One of the persons injured..

29.11.21 16:08 |

Investigation of tragic road accident on Struma motorway continues

Further evaluation of the bus carrying citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, which crashed and burned on Struma highway, has revealed one more body. This brings the number of casualties up to 45, as initially reported. This information has..

26.11.21 13:44 |

Prosecutor’s Office to conduct quick investigation of the tragic accident on Struma motorway

At a meeting with North Macedonia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, representatives of Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office committed themselves to work as quickly as possible on the investigation of the tragic road accident on Struma motorway,..

24.11.21 19:05 |

Bulgaria and North Macedonia mourn together

Today people in Bulgaria and in North Macedonia mourn the 55 human lives lost to two different fires. In the space of less than 24 hours two terrifying tragedies shocked the two countries. The first, on the night of 22..

24.11.21 15:03 |
Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister of  North Macedonia

Bus crash on Struma motorway: Medical examiners from Skopje join expert team in Sofia

Three medical examiners from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Skopje have joined the expert team in Sofia for the autopsy and identification of the bodies of the citizens of North Macedonia killed in the road accident on Struma motorway, Bujar..

24.11.21 11:26 |

November 23 is marked by double tragedy in Bulgaria

November 23 is a grim day for Bulgaria. The country woke up to the news of a flaming bus crash on Struma motorway in which 46 Macedonian citizens lost their lives. Several hours earlier another tragedy struck – nine people were killed in a fire at..

23.11.21 16:45 |

North Macedonia-bound bus crashes on Struma motorway, killing 46 people

46 people have died in a road accident on Struma motorway . A passenger bus with North Macedonian plates travelling from Turkey to North Macedonia crashed and caught fire shortly before 3 am on November 23. 7 passengers leaped from the burning bus...

23.11.21 16:25 |
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