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First two repaired Su-25 aircraft arrive in Bulgaria

Two Su-25 jet airplanes, which are the first repaired military machines for the last 18 years, have arrived in Bulgaria. The planes underwent a major overhaul at the 558 Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranovichi, Belarus . They have acquired an expanded..

23.09.20 16:34 |

Coronavirus postpones return of Bulgarian Su-25 aircraft

Because of the coronavirus crisis two of Bulgaria's Su-25 combat aircraft sent to Belarus for repairs will be returned to Bulgaria with a delay of two months, the Ministry of Defence announced.   The first aircraft is expected to be back..

02.06.20 18:46 |

Su-25 aircraft of Bulgarian Air Force sent for repairs in Belarus

A Su-25 aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force has been sent for repair works in Belarus, where another 3 aircraft are to be sent. In order to make the repair possible, amendments were made to the Bulgarian legislation, which gave the Ministry of..

29.08.19 15:28 |

Air Force needs reliable equipment: Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov

“As cabinet minister I am a lobbyist for Bulgarian taxpayers; for spending their money on something worthy”, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov told bTV channel today. He pointed out that the Air Force needs reliable..

09.09.17 12:08 |
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