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Temperature continues to drop on Sunday

Colder air will continue to move in on Sunday with moderate to strong winds from the northwest. Temperatures in the eastern regions of Bulgaria will also drop and the highest will range between 16°-17°C in western Bulgaria to..

17.09.22 17:55 |

Cloudy Sunday with showers and thunderstorms

At night, there will be considerable cloudiness over the western and northeastern regions of Bulgaria, as well as rain showers. The sky will be mostly clear over the rest of the country. On August 14 showers and thunderstorms are..

13.08.22 17:50 |

Sunday of all Bulgarian saints marked today

The Bulgarian Orthodox church is marking Sunday of all Bulgarian saints today, which falls on the second Sunday after Pentecost. On this day Bulgarians honour historical figures who have lived in our lands and who have been canonized – 104 in number,..

26.06.22 07:35 |

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