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Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court

Supreme Administrative Court restores Eurolab 2011's functions at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint

The Supreme Administrative Court  has restored Eurolab 2011's functions as a phytosanitary control services provider at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on the Bulgaria-Turkey border. The reason was unlawful action by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency...

19.07.22 17:55 |

Administrative Court revokes declination of Environment and Water Inspectorate regarding gas extraction in Dobrich

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Administrative Court - Varna of January 2022, which re voked  the  declination of the Regional Inspectorate  for  Environment and Water-Varna regarding the prosecting and extraction..

05.07.22 19:30 |

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council postpones decision on chief prosecutor's resignation

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council has unanimously postponed the consideration of the proposals for dismissal of the country's Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, made by the caretaker Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov and the current Minister of Justice..

18.05.22 12:08 |

Supreme Administrative Court orders Environment Ministry to pay private TPP Brikel 25 million Leva

By force of a Supreme Administrative Court ruling, the Ministry of the Environment and Water has been ordered to pay 25 million Leva (EUR 12.8 million) in compensation to the private thermal power station Brikel, which is connected with businessman..

29.12.21 15:56 |
Vasil Bozhkov

Vasil Bozhkov's party "Bulgarian Summer" not allowed to participate in November 14 elections

The Supreme Administrative Court has rejected the appeal of the Civic Platform Bulgarian Summer political party against a decision of the Central Election Commission refusing the party's registration for the November 14, 2021 elections .  According to the..

05.10.21 19:20 |

Bulgaria’s general elections to take place without video monitoring during ballot counting

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court did not proceed with the case involving the Central Election Commission’s appeal against a ruling of the Sofia City Administrative Court, which allows video monitoring and streaming during the ballot counting...

02.04.21 19:39 |

Supreme Administrative Court: Ataka is part of United Patriots coalition

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court has revoked the decision of the Central Election Commission to remove Ataka party from the United Patriots coalition, consisting of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, Ataka and VMRO, BNR's..

03.02.21 15:34 |

Supreme Administrative Court rules that mandatory vaccines are not discrimination

The Supreme Administrative Court has definitively overturned a decision of the administrative court in Sliven as unlawful. The Sliven court ruled that the obligation to administer vaccines to children attending kindergarten is discriminatory...

29.07.20 16:58 |

Rumen Radev: The nominations for Prosecutor General must strictly meet the legal requirements

The nominations for Prosecutor General must be well-grounded and strictly meet the legal requirements. The public expects clear benchmarks in the application of the criteria of the candidates’ independence, said President Rumen Radev during a..

16.05.19 18:31 |

Georgi Cholakov inaugurated as new Chairman of Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court

Georgi Cholakov was inaugurated as the new Chairman of the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court. Cholakov will have a mandate of seven years. Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev attended the ceremony. Initially, Rumen Radev refused to decree the..

22.11.17 16:33 |

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