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"Marathon around Bulgarian community centres” aims to keep history alive

A quick reference in the dictionary of the meaning of the word "chitalishte” center" shows that this is a cultural institution for the dissemination of knowledge and culture, especially active during the Bulgarian National Revival period. The..

30.04.21 08:00 |

165 years since founding of first chitalishte in Bulgaria

Today marks 165 years since the founding of the first chitalishte (community culture club) in Bulgaria. The first Bulgarian chitalishte was founded on this day in 1865 in Svishtov. The idea belongs to Emanuil Vaskidovich, Georgi..

11.02.21 09:04 |
Slobodan Simic

Serbia's Slobodan Simic wins Aleko 2020 literary award

The celebrations of the 158th anniversary of the birth of the emblematic Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantino v began today in his native town Svishtov. The literary award in memory of the writer was given out for the 54th time.  This year's winner of..

13.01.21 18:01 |

Firefighters battle fire at chemical plant in Svishtov for past 24 hours

Dozens of firefighters have been making efforts to extinguish the fire which broke out on Monday morning in a timber storage facility at Svilosa chemical plant in the town of Svishtov on the Danube. The fire will continue to smoulder for..

08.09.20 10:50 |

US family donates wheelchairs to Bulgarian municipality

An American family has donated to the Municipality of Svishtov hundreds of wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and blankets for children and people with disabilities. The Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Svishtov contacted..

05.02.18 16:01 |
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