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Cave near Svoge is the longest in Bulgaria, experts claim

Kolkina Dupka is the longest cave in Bulgaria with 19,164 meters of underground galleries. Until now, Duhlata in Vitosha mountain with 18,200 meters of galleries was considered the longest in the country. This is what speleologists..

27.09.22 11:05 |
Река Искрецка

Results of the tests of the Iskretska river water expected today

Sofia's Regional Health Inspectorate and the Water and Sewerage Company are expected to announce today whether the water in Svoge is safe for drinking , the town's deputy mayor Iliya Bogdanov said.  A few days ago, because of the drying up of the..

22.08.22 13:52 |

Iskretska River supplying water to town of Svoge returns to its bed

The Iskretska River, which dried up on Monday and caused the region of Svoge to remain without water supply, is once again flowing in its bed. "Last night at 6 p.m. the river was unblocked and the water flow resumed. We are starting..

19.08.22 10:23 |
Iskretska River

Slight increase in the flow of the spring supplying drinking water to the flash drought-hit town of Svoge

The water flow from the karst spring that feeds the Iskretska River is slightly increasing , but this is not enough to restore the water supply to the town of Svoge.  A state of disaster has been declared since Monday as the spring has completely dried..

18.08.22 15:44 |

Flash drought hits Svoge and nearby villages

The state has provided the population of the town of Svoge, Western Bulgaria, and nearby villages with 99 thousand litres of drinking water, said Head of Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate Nikolay Nikolov . A state of..

17.08.22 17:05 |

Bulgaria mourns lives lost in bus accident near Svoge

A mourning prayer service was held at the church in Svetovrachene, the village most of the people who lost their lives in the tragic road accident near Svoge come from. By a decision of the football union, all matches planned for today and..

26.08.18 17:10 |

First conclusions regarding road accident near Svoge made public at briefing

An emergency meeting at the Council of Ministers, called by PM Boyko Borissov, discussed, with the participation of the ministers of health, of the interior, of transport and of regional development, as well as of the prosecutor general, the..

26.08.18 16:53 |

Ministries and prosecutor’s office call emergency meeting to discuss severe road accident which killed 16 and injured 18

Officials from several ministries, as well as the prosecutor’s office, are calling an emergency meeting at the Interior Ministry today to discuss the circumstances surrounding last night’s severe road accident near Svoge, in which 16 were killed and..

26.08.18 09:36 |