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Illegal migrants caught by police in a suburb of Sofia

11 illegal migrants from Syria have been detained near Sofia's Vladaya neighborhood after a police chase on the night of May 24 . Two Serbs were also detained - a driver and his companion, who were driving a van in which the migrants were transported...

24.05.23 12:41 |

Bulgarian Red Cross has sent 24 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria

The Bulgarian Red Cross has sent over 24 tons of humanitarian aid to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Syria that took place on February 6, 2023. The aid, delivered by four trucks, was collected thanks to donations from..

13.03.23 15:55 |

Bulgarian support for Turkey and Syria continues

The campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross aimed at helping the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria continues with provision of heating appliances, winter tents suitable for living in colder weather and others. In addition to..

24.02.23 10:48 |

Humanitarian crisis in Turkey and Syria will intensify migrant pressure towards EU

Due to the geopolitical situation, the economic and humanitarian crisis, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the problems in the Middle East, a new large wave of migrants to Bulgaria is expected .  The Bulgarian border is guarded under..

21.02.23 13:31 |
Rescue teams work amidst the ruins of a building after the latest 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Hatay, Turkey, 20 Februay, 2023

Minor earthquake registered in Southwestern Bulgaria, more earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria

A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was registered at 8.36 PM last night 19.2 kms. Northwest of the town of Yakoruda in Blagoevgrad region, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. According to data of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ National Institute of..

21.02.23 11:14 |

The convoy with Bulgarian humanitarian aid has arrived in Syria

The convoy with  Bulgarian  humanitarian aid has arrived in Syria, the Bulgarian Red Cross said. Bulgaria sent 4.5 tonnes of humanitarian aid by Spartan military aircraft. On Friday morning the aid was transported by a humanitarian convoy to the..

17.02.23 15:48 |

Shortage of doctors in Syria in earthquake-hit areas

In Syria, survivors of the devastating earthquake live in fear, sleeping outside in sub-zero temperatures without safe drinking water. In an interview for BNT, Dr. Mohamed Alibrahim - a doctor from the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance in Sofia,..

17.02.23 10:02 |

Bulgaria is now a brother-country to Turkey, Turkish Ambassador Aylin Sekizkok says

Turkish Ambassador to Bulgaria Aylin Sekizkok thanked the Bulgarian Red Cross for the timely and adequate support it rendered Turkey in the wake of the February earthquakes, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. During a meeting with the..

16.02.23 19:38 |

Bulgaria sends humanitarian aid to Syria via Lebanon

A Spartan military aircraft with humanitarian aid for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Syria is to take off at 10.00 am from Vrazhdebna Airport. The aircraft loaded with 2.5 tonnes of blankets, bedding sets and tents, provided by..

16.02.23 09:19 |

Bulgaria sends more aid to Turkiye and Syria under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Bulgaria’s caretaker government decided to  provide Turkiye with humanitarian aid worth nearly EUR 800,000  under the EU  C ivil P rotection M echanism. The humanitarian aid includes tents of different capacity, mobile..

15.02.23 19:12 |
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