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Presenting the Left coalition, 12 February, 2023

Alternative to BSP, coalition Left, to run in 2 April election

Former members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) set up a coalition called Left . The formation comprises: Rumen Petkov of ABV , Maya Manolova of Rise Up , Tatyana Doncheva of Movement 21, Georgi Kadiev of Normal State , as..

12.02.23 14:42 |

Specialized prosecutor’s office launches probe into allegations of corruption in parliament

The specialized prosecutor’s office is self-initiating and inquiry into allegations, in the media, of corruption in the 46 th National Assembly, the prosecutor’s office has announced. For ITN’s party TV 7/8, Radostin Vasilev, MP from..

07.09.21 10:25 |
Maya Manolova

“Stand Up! Thugs Out!” is changing its name to “Stand Up.BG! We are coming!”

The parliamentary group of “Stand Up! Thugs Out!” is changing its name and will from now on be called “Stand Up.BG! We are coming!”. This was announced by the coalition’s leader Maya Manolova after a meeting of the parliamentary group one day..

20.07.21 15:45 |
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