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Austria will lift the Schengen veto after next year's elections

Austria will give up the Schengen veto after next year's parliamentary elections , Austrian political scientist Prof. Reinhard Heinisch predicted in an interview for the BNR. Together with the Netherlands, Austria opposes the expansion of the Schengen..

23.09.23 11:39 |

EC: The murder of Alexey Petrov should not affect Bulgaria's entry into Schengen

The murder of Alexey Petrov should not be confused with the admission of Bulgaria to Schengen , which has its own trajectory and clear rules.  This is how Commission spokeswoman Anitta Hipper answered a question about how this case will affect..

17.08.23 14:47 |

Foreign Minister: After October, there will be no obstacles for Bulgaria and Romania to join Schengen

The report of the European Commission on Bulgaria's readiness to join the Schengen area is expected in June or July , and after October there will be no obstacles for Bulgaria and Romania to enter Schengen. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign..

20.03.23 15:22 |

Mellow or wild - Bulgarian folk music has it all

She is retired employee of the Netherlands Post Office, free now to dedicate her time to her great passion - Bulgarian folk music. Ingrid Veeninga, 77, is Dutch. She lives in Amsterdam and never skips a rehearsal of Chubritsa - one of the most..

19.01.23 18:51 |

The Netherlands again blocks the admission of Bulgaria to Schengen

The government of the Netherlands has decided to block Bulgaria's admission to the Schengen area, the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation announced . According to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte , the decision is not political, but based on facts, and..

02.12.22 19:13 |

Ministers present their arguments to the Netherlands in support of Bulgaria joining Schengen

Three ministers in the Bulgarian caretaker cabinet - Nikolay Milkov, Ivan Demerdzhiev, and Krum Zarkov, have presented arguments for the admission of Bulgaria to Schengen, during a joint online meeting with the committees on foreign affairs, justice..

01.12.22 18:48 |

The Netherlands to help Bulgaria double vegetable production

A delegation of Dutch companies and industry organisations will arrive in Bulgaria between 10 and 13 October.  The main objective of the visit is to contribute to increasing Bulgarian fresh fruit and vegetable production in the coming years by..

05.10.22 14:19 |

Chubritsa - the Dutch choir named after a Bulgarian spice

Ensemble Chubritsa from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the longest-standing Bulgarian folklore choirs outside of the country. The folk choir Chubritsa (meaning Bulgarian traditional savoury)was founded in 2004 by the famous folk..

25.08.22 15:24 |

Foreign investments in Bulgaria since 2010 are over 51 billion euro

The Netherlands remains the largest foreign investor in Bulgaria with €7.7 billion or 15.1% of all inflows, according to the Bulgarian National Bank. Austria follows with €4.95 billion or 9.7%. Germany is third with €3.78 billion.  With a total inflow..

04.07.22 13:58 |

Norwegian wanted for terrorism detained in Stara Zagora

A citizen of Norway, who is under investigation by the Norwegian authorities for participation in a terrorist organisation, preparation of a terrorist attack and incitement to terrorism , has been detained in Stara Zagora as part of an international..

01.06.22 17:05 |
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