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Balkan Developments

UN discusses the Cyprus question An informal five-party meeting is being held in Geneva under the auspices of the UN, in order to find a solution to the Cyprus issue. This is the first meeting since the collapse of negotiations..

29.04.21 16:14 |

25th international Sofia Film Fest kicks off tonight

This year the Sofia international film festival celebrates its 25 th anniversary. This edition of the festival kicks off with a screening of Kamen Kalev’s latest film – February. Kamen Kalev is famous for inviting more amateurs than..

11.03.21 17:50 |

Maria Koleva: "Traditional Bulgarian art is destiny, mission and magic"

The successes of the famous singer are remarkable not only as a soloist. Over the years she has participated in various chamber and choir formations – "Avrena" Quartet, "Balkan Voices", "Dragostin Folk", "Philip Koutev" National Folklore..

28.01.21 10:00 |

Folk Albums 2016

The fans of traditional folk music enjoyed new recordings in 2016. The recordings include singers and instrumentalists from different generations and representatives of various styles. Kanaraormanski Rachenik is a piece from Theodosii Spassov’s..

29.12.16 14:54 |

The Wild Roots - a joint Christmas project of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and Bulgarian National Radio

The musicians from the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Svetoslav Obretenov National Philharmonic Choir, The Cosmic Voices Female Folk Choir and the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Music Orchestra have prepared a music programme bearing the colorful..

20.12.16 10:33 |

Theodosii Spassov releases Belezi (Scars) album

Leading Bulgarian shepherd’s flute player and composer Theodosii Spassov has released two albums with original music: Belezi (Scars) and O'Maino Horo (Enchanting Chain Dance). What unites the two albums is the style – all pieces..

05.11.16 08:10 |
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