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Archaeological data have increasingly been proving that the Thracians’ gene pool is part of our gene pool

For the 9th time, Plovdiv is hosting the Days of Thracian culture international festival, which will run until 29 June.  The city is the geographical midpoint of Thrace and performs the mission of preserving and studying the material and cultural..

25.06.21 06:05 |

“The silver of the Thracians” exhibition on display in Burgas

The exhibition “The silver of the Thracians”, belonging to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ National Archaeological Museum, is on display at the archaeology museum in the Black Sea city of Burgas.  The exposition features 70 of the most renowned..

02.06.21 06:05 |

Emblematic Bulgarian archaeological sites presented in online promotional campaign

After the success of the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides to popularize lesser known corners of Bulgaria, the time has come for the country’s cultural and historical heritage. A new idea..

12.03.21 19:10 |

Major project explores the genesis and development of Thracians

The project “The Thracians - genesis and development of ethnic, cultural identities, interactions and the civilizational heritage of Antiquity" is the first comprehensive study of the Thracian heritage with the participation of 27 research units..

12.11.16 08:45 |

Present-day Bulgarians carry genes of Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians, not of Slavs

A study of the genetic code of Bulgarians is about to eliminate the deeply rooted hypothesis of the Turkic-Altaic origin of Bulgarians. Recently, Bulgarian and Italian scientists teamed up for a project to decode the genes of present-day..

05.09.16 09:05 |
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