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L-R - chair of the parliamentary group of GERB-SDS Dessislava Atanasova, GERB leader Boyko Borissov (center) and the deputy chair of GERB Tomislav Donchev.

GERB decides whether to withdraw its support for the cabinet

GERB is beginning a detailed analysis not only of the election results, but also of whether it should remain part of the ruling coalition.  "The issue today is not whether to have a coalition agreement, but whether this government has a chance to..

08.11.23 16:09 |

GERB freezes negotiations on formation of government with We Continue the Change

“We are freezing the negotiations on the formation of a government together with We Continue the Change (PP),” said GERB’s nominee for rotation prime minister Mariya Gabriel. GERB-SDS and PP-DB agree on joint governance, but with the..

27.05.23 17:48 |
Tomislav Donchev

GERB: A government with political forces other than We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria is an emergency option

“A cabinet within the current parliament is only possible on the first mandate (that of GERB- editorial note),” said GERB deputy chair Tomislav Donchev in an interview with public service TV BNT. In his words, the most logical option is to make the..

07.05.23 12:50 |
GERB-SDS at the consultations with the President

GERB-SDS: We have the necessary experts to form a cabinet

President Rumen Radev has begun consultations with the parties represented in parliament before handing the first mandate for the formation of a cabinet. The biggest parliamentary group, that of GERB-SDS, were the first to meet with the President..

26.10.22 15:08 |

GERB re-elects Boyko Borissov as party chairman

GERB party is holding today a National Meeting in Sofia. The National Meeting delegates have unanimously re-elected Boyko Borissov, former Premier of Bulgaria, as leader of GERB. “Commanders are not replaced in times of war”, Boyko Borissov...

13.03.22 15:17 |
Toma Bikov

GERB: Caretaker cabinet helps oligarchs abroad regain position in government

The replacement of top figures in the National Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agency is an attempt to control the state apparatus, said Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Chairman of  GERB party. According to  GERB’s former MP..

14.05.21 15:42 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev dissolves parliament today and sets date for parliamentary elections

President Rumen Radev is expected to issue a decree today dissolving parliament and appointing a new Central Election Commission and a caretaker government which will have the task of organizing early elections. The caretaker cabinet is..

11.05.21 05:05 |
Outgoing PM Boyko Borissov

Government to begin consultations with EC on recovery plan

“The epidemic situation is being extended by one month,” outgoing Health Minister Kostadin Angelov announced at today’s cabinet sitting. Kostadin Angelov stated that the country was coming out of the third wave of coronavirus successfully. The..

28.04.21 12:03 |
Outgoing Deputy PM Tomislav Donchev

GERB is ready with a draft cabinet: Tomislav Donchev

“The draft of a GERB government is ready,” outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev announced in an interview for bTV. The cabinet’s proposal will be more of a political signal as it is not going to get the support it needs to govern..

17.04.21 10:58 |

Searching for the key to the formation of a ruling majority

After the State Gazette published the election results and the names of the new members of parliament, and President Rumen Radev issued a decree convening the 45 th National Assembly on 15 April, attention is now focused on the possible..

13.04.21 12:26 |
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