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Patrice Rayssac – the amateur photographer from France who loves to take pictures of the Bulgarian seashore

What does the south of France and the northern portion of Bulgaria’s seashore have in common? Here is one possible answer – Patrice Rayssac. “I come from the south of France, near Toulouse. It is a big town between an ocean and a sea and..

23.03.21 11:01 |

French court convicts 16 Bulgarian Roma of human trafficking

A French court has sentenced 16 Bulgarian Roma to up to 8 years in prison and a final ban on access to French territory. They were found guilty of human trafficking, of forcing their compatriots to beg and of money laundering, BTA reported, citing AFP...

10.02.21 09:30 |

Director Galin Stoev: Model of statehood in our country is wrong

He is a Bulgarian in France, but he is not just an actor on a foreign stage as he is actually the head of the National Theater in Toulouse. Bulgarian director Galin Stoev has been holding the prestigious position for three years now. As soon as..

28.08.20 12:52 |
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